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When To Have HVAC Ductwork Replaced

HVAC stands for heating, venting and cooling systems. It is the ductwork system in your home and office building that allows air, heating and cooling to circulate from room to room. When your ductwork fails or is in any way impaired, you get poor quality indoor air and it can also raise your energy bill as poor ductwork lets heat and cool air escape. Your air conditioner, heater or air fans need to work twice as long or exert more energy to get your rooms heated or cooled when their ductwork passageways are not functioning efficiently.

HVAC Ductwork Replaced

Clean Your Ductwork or Replace

Depending on the air quality in your area, ductwork will need to be cleaned on a regular basis or you will be piping in very poor quality air inside. If you notice that your rooms are getting covered in dust too quickly, and the windows are closed, consider that there might be a tear in your ductwork or that it just needs some cleaning. Ductwork large enough for a person to fit in are easier to clean than smaller ductwork which will need to be disassembled in some places in order to clean. In the process of cleaning, you will also give your ductwork a thorough inspection and will be better able to assess if some parts or the system needs to be replaced.

Should You Replace All Your Ducts?

This really depends on how much you want to spend. Replace your ducts only if you can afford to and if you want to because it is so much more expensive than just repairing, replacing and sealing some parts of the ductwork. This is a major renovation in your home or other structures and should be considered carefully. If ductwork repairs are needed to often in a year and disrupts home life and work, then getting the whole hvac ductwork replaced would be a better and more cost effective decision. Replacement can be done quickly and need only done once, cutting down on any disruption the renovation will have on your routine. Some ductwork that is very old has asbestos, which is a carcinogen. If that is the case, definitely have your ducts and ceilings replaced as soon as you can to ensure safety and health in your home or building. Contact Fahrenheit HVAC for any HVAC repairs or issues you may have. Fahrenheit offers free estimates so you can find out precisely what to expect before any work is completed

Mold Problems in Ducts

Mold in your ducts can cause allergies and other health problems for the very young and the elderly. If your ducts are breeding mold, consider having them replaced or lined with mold resistant material. Some put in an electrostatic filter to help with mold problems. But if your mold residents are persistent and chronic even with cleaning several times a year, you might want to save up to have the entire ductwork replaced instead. Mold spores can hide in small cracks and crevices so that they can grow back when the environment suits them. Your mold-infested ductwork is for some reasons hospitable for mold, which is why replacement is a good opting. Cleaning takes a lot of work and money if needed too frequently.

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