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When Should I Start My A-level Revision?

With the weather warming up and thoughts of festival season on every student’s mind, the last thing we want to think about is revision! But studying hard and consistently is the key to passing those exams, giving you the grades you deserve to unlock a better future. Revision is a difficult process to begin but when exactly should you start hitting the books in preparation for acing those A-Level exams? The education specialists at online resource Getting-In give you the low-down on preparing for those exams in a timely fashion!

A level Revision

Start Early

Even though we all like to think that we could leave revision as late as possible (maybe even the night before) and still pass with flying colours, it’s certainly not something we would recommend. Last minute revision sessions are all well and good but these should be used to top up the intensive studying you have already completed in previous months. Start revising as early as you can, especially if you are sitting exams for subjects you are less confident in. A-Level History was my personal hell during my college years but with the right mind-set and generous timescale, I was able to turn this around.

Prep before Revision

Going into your revision schedule with the right attitude and a great plan behind you is the key to not completely losing your mind whilst undertaking intensive study. Before you even pick up a book to study, put in some groundwork. Ask your lecturers about what texts are useful when studying for a particular module, especially if it’s an area of study that is giving you a few nightmares. Also, take a look at the syllabus, which are available from examination board websites, and get to grips with anything you or your teacher may have missed in class. Mark schemes for coursework and past papers also make good reading and you can use these to establish a pattern of assessment and see what is expected of you as a student.

Take some time before start your revision to check out your options. Finding out about how you could retake exams or get your paper remarked will work wonders for calming those nerves if you are particularly anxious about a subject.

Plan to Perfection

Another advantage of starting your revision early is that you will have time to mock up a revision timetable and structure your study to focus on particular areas or modules of a subject. Revision timetables are used by many students and offer a handy way to allocate time in the months leading up to those all-important exams – without letting your social life suffer!

Getting-In provides a variety of online resources to help you deal with the stress of exams as well as revision guides for a range of modules. Swot up before your A-Level exams by visiting their website.

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