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What to Look for in a New Home

dream homeSearching for a new home can be a harrowing but rewarding experience. Create a list of what to look for in your new dwelling before doing any research online or offline. Smart home shoppers come to the table armed with the facts concerning any neighborhood or house. Being prepared plays a huge role in selecting the right home for you.


Where is your new home located? How close is your new home to schools? Research crime statistics to ensure that you are moving into a safe neighborhood. Appearances can deceive you. Get the facts to educate yourself and your family concerning crime in any neighborhood. If you have a growing family seek out a quiet spot where your children can play outside or by the street without running the risk of being hit by a car or approached by strangers. Keep safety and convenience in mind before selecting a new home.

Assess the home’s proximity to grocery stores or big chain department stores. Will you need to spend 40 minutes in your car to visit the local store for goods? Unless you have a passion for driving and an open schedule, place convenience at the top of your new home shopping wish list.

Grill Your Real Estate Agent

One day you might want to move from your new home for a variety of reasons. Perhaps you have landed a new job or the neighborhood no longer holds any appeal to you. Ask your real estate agent if homes typically move in that spot. Some markets outperform others over time. Select a new home that can move fast should you need to put the house on the market. Also, ask your real estate agent about other aspects of living in the neighborhood. Doing research online can provide you with tangible stats, but an industry insider can offer you tidbits and secrets from their years of experience, which should ease your transition into a new home.

Do as much research as possible to guarantee that you are making the right choice for your family.

Conduct Eagle Eye Inspection

Did you notice tiny cracks on the sidewalk in front of your prospective home? Maybe you were alarmed by the poor paint touch ups throughout the kitchen. Keep an eye out for sometimes not so glaring signals that the home needs work done to boost its property value. Realtors might gloss over seemingly small needed improvements but not all agents have your best interests at heart. Carefully assess any work that needs to be done on the home. Start a running tab of improvements including any outdoor and indoors work.

Does the front lawn or backyard need a new fence? How much time or money will landscaping cost you? Check the water pressure of the home by running faucets in the kitchen and bathroom. Do thorough testing of the house by carefully running through each square meter of the property with a fine toothed comb to find any problems which could create headaches and significant financial investments in the future. Cross any money pit off of your list immediately.

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