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VH1 Special Leads To Ne-Yo Being Sued By Ex

VH1 Music Special

Last year, singing superstar Ne-Yo was the subject of a VH1 Behind The Music special, and it seems he violated terms of his agreement with his ex, Jesseca White, who claims defamation in a lawsuit.

vh1 musical special

White and Ne-Yo were involved in a previous romantic relationship that resulted in her becoming pregnant. The couple was not exclusive, and White told Ne-Yo that it was possible that he was not the child’s father. Ne-Yo put his name on the birth certificate anyway, but prenatal paternity testing proved that Ne-Yo was not the father. According to White, she and Ne-Yo had a confidential agreement that states they were not to discus any aspects of this matter in public.

During the taping of VH1 special, Ne-Yo violated that agreement when he told a varying account of White’s pregnancy. He accused White of falsely telling him that he was the father of the child to get large sums of money from him. White said that Ne-Yo also used the VH1 special to build record sales for his latest album, which sold very well.

Twitter Rage, Insults And A Broken Heart

According to White, the insults from Ne-Yo did not end with the VH1 special. She claims that he repeatedly insulted her on Twitter by calling her a disgraceful person, a gold-digger and other vicious derogatory names. White also said that Ne-Yo admitted in a tweet that he did the VH1 special to bring her down. Gloria Allred, who is White’s internet defamation lawyer, claims that her client, who makes a living as a professional designer and photographer, suffers from emotional stress and that Ne-Yo has ruined her client’s reputation as a businesswoman. Allred also says that the singer is guilty of breach of contract. White hired Gloria Allred to represent her in the defamation case late last year. Allred also claims that Ne-Yo broke White’s heart and abandoned her. In addition, Allred says her client is extremely upset over this ordeal and that her client suffers from nausea and hair loss.

Ne-Yo Responds To Ex’s Accusations

According to reports, Ne-Yo has yet to sit down face-to-face with Jesseca to discuss their situation, but he did take to Twitter in late September of last year to deny that he used his VH1 special to defame Jesseca in anyway. He went on to say that they were young and made mistakes and that he has forgiven her. Ne-Yo also claims not to have any animosity towards his ex and says he wishes her and her young son well.


Reportedly, White has asked the Ne-Yo to settle the case outside of court, but he has not responded to her request at this time.

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