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Using the Power of Your Mind to Attract Love

981072_magnets_1I know for many people, things like the law of attraction sound like complete hokum; it is understandable since we are very conditioned to think logically and only believe in what we can see and understand. I was once like that; but, being unhappy with my life, I sought to change things and I found that you cannot change anything in your life until you change how you think. The idea that we can attract things we want into our life by thinking about them, getting specific about them and feeling like they are already ours sounds a bit nuts, but once I started thinking that way, I started getting a lot of things I wanted, including an amazing fiancé that has been part of my life for the last six years. Once I gave up trying to understand how everything worked or picking apart things that did not make sense to me, my life flowed more easily. So, if your other strategies have not been working for you, perhaps you just want to give it a whirl.

Get Specific on What You Want

When it comes to relationships, we spent a whole lot of time focusing on what we do not want. We lament all that is wrong—all men are jerks, all women are crazy. We constantly relive the memories of bad dates and failed relationships, pinpointing all that went wrong, all that we hope to avoid in the future. Well, I have news for long as you travel this route, you will just get more of the same, thinking you are somehow cursed to live your life alone. Talking about all the things you do not want in a relationship and a significant other is by no means the same as focusing on what you do want. All the negative stuff is a good springboard for figuring out what you do want, however. Think about the type of relationship you want and the type of person you want in as specific detail as possible. Write it down and look at it often.

Do Not Focus on ‘’How’’

We naturally have a need to plan things and figure things out. We decide we want something and the next thought is ‘’how.’’ Well, when it comes to attracting love or anything else into your life, there is one important lesson you must learn above all else—focus on the ‘’what’’ and not the ‘’how.’’ You have no idea how and there is no way you can possibly anticipate the million different ways this person will come into your life. It does not matter what your life looks like now, it does not matter if you are 18 or a senior dating after getting out of a 30-year marriage—you can meet someone new, no matter what your life is like right now.

Forget about the Past

Using our past experience to predict our future one can be very dangerous, especially when our past has been kind of crappy. We look at our failed string of relationships, bad dates and unrequited love and think that more of the same is the only thing that awaits us. Well, nothing could be further from the truth. In your quest to attract love, the past does not matter; you are not doomed to keep repeating past patterns or to be alone.

About the Author: Kelli Cooper is a freelance writer who blogs about all things relationships and enjoys sharing tips to help people find love.

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