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Top Tips for Making a Killer Sales Presentation

671413_handshakeIn the business world, you will need to make all sorts of presentations. Sales presentations can be the most nerve-wracking since they will determine whether a prospect will become a client or customer. High stakes for sure. If you are new to the sales world or an old hand hoping to brush up a bit, here are some tips to make a killer presentation that can help close the deal.

Do Your Research

Salespeople who seem to know what they are talking about and who seem to have a grasp on the challenges and needs of a business and the wider industry are much more likely to make a sale. You need to tailor the presentation to the specifics of this prospect—how can you help them conquer the competition, how can you solve the problems they are facing, how can you help them meet their goals, how can you help them improve their bottom line? An understanding of their business and industry will help establish a mutual rapport.

Find Out How Much Time You Have

A key step in making a successful sales presentation is finding out how much time you will have to make it. You do not want to end up in a situation where the key decision maker needs to leave half-way through, for example. Once you find out how much time you have, create a presentation that only takes about 60 percent of that time. Why you ask? Because prospects will typically make a decision at the end of the meeting and you want to make sure there is enough time to deal with any questions, concerns and other issues that may remain so you can smooth everything out and reach an agreement.

Focus on Your Unique Strengths

When trying to land a new client, it is not only important to show them that you can meet their needs, you also need to demonstrate to them why and how you can do it better than competitors offering the same solutions. You need to clearly illustrate what makes your company the best; what can you do for them that another competitor cannot?

Create a Sense of Urgency

Focusing on unique strengths can help answer two of the three top questions a prospect has—why they should work with you personally and why they should work with your company. The third question milling through most minds is why should they buy this product or service now, rather than later. A successful presentation must include the information that will answer this question; you need to convince them that they must act now. You need to outline the benefits with facts, with verifiable data.


If you know that the meeting will not end with a purchasing decision for one reason or another, such as the prospect having three more meetings after yours, it is a good idea to have something to give them as a take-away, such as an informational packet or an outline of the presentation pre-loaded onto a USB.

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