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Top Ten Free Android Apps

One of the worlds’ biggest and growing mobile platforms, the Android with its open source character provides some of the best of applications. With over 700,000 apps in the Play Store, it is a challenging task to choose to the right one that caters your needs. Even though, we are aware about the Paid app and free app section, everyone is in the lookout for free mobile apps, and in a constant search to find the top free apps. Here is a list of the top ten free Android apps –

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Mobile Security – One of the top priorities of all mobile users around the globe and now it is easier with the availability of mobile security apps.

  1. avast! Mobile Security – Rated as one of the best mobile security systems, avast! Mobile Security app tops the free app category. The app provides complete security to your mobile with enhanced features like Remote cell phone tracker, malware protection, app management, safe Web browsing, remote wipe, Privacy report, Shield Control, and much more.

Commuting – The most demanded and daily life app, which can save you from the congested streets and help you guide through a new destination.

  1. Google Maps – Google Maps is one of the best navigational apps, which provides real-time information and make your travel hassle free. The app comes with some great features like – Live traffic information, 3D building maps, Voice guided GPS navigation, indoor and multiple direction maps, and Google Maps Street View.

Managing the Phone memory – Enhancing your mobile performance is a constant need and by managing your phone memory, you can enhance your mobile performance.

  1. Auto Memory Manager – Finding it difficult to manage your phone memory, then Auto Memory Manager is the complete solution. The app helps to enhance the performance of the device and kills the unwanted tasks automatically. It also provides detailed information about the device memory.

Saving your Mobile Battery – The user can now depend on various apps to boost their mobile battery life.

  1. JuiceDefender – Running out of your Android battery life and trying to figure how to manage it, JuiceDefender is the answer. The app helps the user to conserve the battery life by killing unwanted apps and tasks, when your mobile is idle. The app comes with some great features like – 2G/3G or Wi-Fi toggle automation, Smart Brightness control, Home Screen Battery Widgets, Battery Consumption Optimization, and more.

Convenience Apps – These are apps that can help you save time and finish tasks much easier.

  1. Pocket – Do not have the time to read a complete journal or view a webpage or even a video, now you can store it all in your mobile with the help of Pocket. Pocket it and you can view the same later, even without going online. The app comes with features like – saving any article or video from any device, easy-to-view layout, and saving data from any applications.
  2. Evernote – Rated as one of the ‘Top Must Have apps’, Evernote provides you with a complete solution to organize your daily life. It is a perfect app to organize your personal as well as business life. Some of the top features provided by Evernote include – Create and edit data, make to – do list, sync file through various devices, travel, budget, and kitchen planner, and much more.
  3.  Official eBay Android App – One of the best online shopping apps, which lets you buy, bid, and sell stuff easily. The app features include – search based on category, price, type, brands, notifications and reminders, tracking shipment of products, provide feedbacks, etc. The application is available in five different languages and supported by 18 countries.
  4. WebMD for Android – The most reliable health information app which comes with some of the most exceptional features like – Symptom Checker, information on Conditions and Causes, extensive database with information on drugs and treatments, First Aid info, drug identification tool, and locating the nearest hospital and pharmacies. Installing WebMD for Android answers all your health queries easily.
  5. Kakao – One of the top communication apps in the Android platform, which provides high quality calls and instant messaging features. The app also provides group calls, group chats, create schedules, sharing multimedia contents, and much more. It is one of the easiest ways to communicate with your family and friends.
  6. Subway surfers – Rated as one of the top mobile game app with the best HD optimized graphics. The app comes with some of the best Hoverboard surfing experience and features vibrant HD graphics, great acrobatic skills, and lots of adventure. It is one of the most trending mobile game apps.
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