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Top 5 Reasons for Building Garden Sheds

Are you undecided about building a garden shed?  There are many different good reasons for doing so.  Some of these reasons may apply to you, while some may not.  You might have your own very specific reason for needing a shed.  While it’s true that buying a shed is an investment and does require some preparation, it may be an expense that’s well worth it.  Here are the top five reasons why you might want to build a garden shed.

Reason #1: Extra Storage

Is your home cluttered?  Do you have so much stuff stored in your garage that you can’t fit your car in there?  Garden sheds offer a lot of extra storage.  You can fit just about anything in them.  While many people do store their gardening tools and lawn mower in their shed, you can also use them to store sports equipment, holiday decorations, storage boxes full of items, and much more.  Anything that won’t be affected by the heat or the cold (most sheds aren’t insulated) can be kept in a garden shed.

Reason #2: Create an Oasis

You can actually do more with a shed than just store stuff in it.  Many people have converted garden sheds into home offices, small home pubs, a gym, and much more.  This does take some work and money, of course, but the result can be amazing.  With a large enough shed, some insulation, and a little planning, you can create just about anything.

Building Garden Sheds

Reason #3: Create Your Own Home

People actually live in garden sheds!  While it’s one thing to turn a shed into an office or gym, it takes a little more work to make one a livable home.  However, this might be the perfect solution to those who need a little extra room in their house.  Older teens and young adults who aren’t quite ready to move away from home but need some privacy may enjoy turning a shed into a small one-room house.  It’s even possible to add a small kitchenette and bathroom to some of the larger sheds.

Reason #4: Use it as a Greenhouse

While you might not be able to use every shed as a greenhouse since some don’t have windows, you can use it to protect your potted plants from freezes by temporarily moving them indoors during the night.  Those sheds with windows or skylights can be used to start seedlings before moving them out into the garden.

Reason #5: Property Value

A shed adds to your property value, making it easier to sell your home or letting you ask for a little extra.  Many people like garden sheds, and if they can purchase a home that already has a shed, they will see that as a plus.  A well maintained shed is even more attractive, so keep your shed in good condition to get the most out of it.  If you want to add a shed to your property, you will find many great options at Garden Buildings Direct.

Author Bio: Scott Barber is an accomplished do-it-yourselfer from Newark-On-Trent who loves constructing Garden Buildings for his friends and family. He also enjoys sharing his knowledge with others about his experiences building Garden Sheds, greenhouses, Playhouses, Summerhouses & More.

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