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Top 20 Useful Apps for iPhone in 2013

When we say “great apps”, most of the readers just assume those to be the paid ones. Of course, the paid apps are charging the money for some extra-ordinary services, in comparison to the free ones, but most of the useful iPhone apps are free of cost. Following are the top 20 iPhone apps that may come quite handy in 2013.


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1.      Chrome: Though Chrome claims to work best with Androids, but the new iPhone edition is a must have. It outranks Safari with its better interface and the “Omnibox” option.

2.      Dropbox: For the busy bees Dropbox is one essential app to have. The app itself has improvised quite a lot to suit the latest upgrades. So, keeping it updated is certainly the obligatory thing to do for those who need their important files and document practically everywhere.

3.      Adobe Photoshop Express: To take the photography experience to a whole new level the Adobe Photoshop Express is certainly an all-in-one app. All the basic and basic-plus features that help take and create the perfect pictures are included there.

4.      Converter Plus: This app helps with every kind of conversion and calculation needs with just a few taps. You will definitely find it extremely handy as it keeps currency exchange rates updated and allows you to create the list of favorite functions.

5.      Airport Utility: This is one great app to control your WiFi settings and connectivity. It is pretty easy to use since it lets the user to see in pictures the current and possible connection going through their phone.

6.       EasilyDo: This app for those who are in need of a personal assistant since this one does everything from checking emails to updating social networking accounts.

7.      Draw Something: It is surely the necessary fun app in these days. This communal game is so much fun to share and play with friends and includes both word guessing and free-style drawing.

8.      Brewster: In spite of its pushing to have access through contact names, this is one easy and fun way to connect with your pals!

9.      Dashlane: This is nothing but a digital task manager which manages your wallet, email and everything else. Must-have for those who is afraid to miss an important message or task.

10.  Duolingo: If any iPhone user is interested in learning a new language on the go, this is just the app!

11.  mSpy: mSpy is nothing but the best mobile tracking app out there to try, no matter what the purpose is: protecting your kid or revealing an infidel partner.

12.  LinkedIn Contacts: For those who need to be updated with their LinkedIn happenings, it is one must app to have.

13.  MailBox: Mailbox is one organizer app that keeps its users on schedule for everything in their life. Stay organized and effective!

14.  Yahoo Weather: For those who would really to know if it is going to rain or not this is very  app to have!

15.  Google+: Yes, Google+ is not as popular as the other social networking sites, but it is gaining its pace and it will be great to have the app installed on your iPhone.

16.  W.E.L.D.E.R.: For the word game lovers, W.E.L.D.E.R. will be more than perfect to be engaged in. Try and share your experience with friends.

17.  FileBrowser: This app helps to keep the phone documents organized and allows the user to browse through the files saved.

18.  Quora: Have any questions? Then Quora will help! This is one social network based app that helps the users to get the answers they need.

19.  Clear: This app helps the users to list their to-dos and complete them accordingly.

20.  Haze: One of the best weather apps for iPhone. Haze makes it easier for the users to have an actual idea of both current weather conditions and predictions for future.

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