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Top 10 Triceps Exercises And Their Benefits

Top 10 Triceps Exercises And Their Benefits


Exercises form an important part of fitness regime. Today, there are numerous workouts targeting different parts of your body. The ultimate goal is the same i.e. to maintain overall fitness and build lean muscle. As far as triceps exercise is concerned, it is suitable for those who desire to get bigger arms. Weightlifters often place emphasis on gaining mass in their arms. Now, most of them have this misconception that one can get muscular arms by training the biceps. But the fact remains that biceps comprise of only 1/3rd of the total upper arms muscles, the other 2/3rd is occupied by triceps. Thus, exercising your triceps is important if you wish to gain mass in your arms.

Benefits of Triceps Exercises:

As pointed out earlier, exercise for triceps basically focus on the triceps, enabling you to gain mass around the upper arms. Thus, triceps workouts are important components of a weight lifting regime. In addition to toning up your upper arms, triceps exercises offer the following benefits. a. In general, workouts have a common goal of maintaining overall fitness and the triceps exercise is no exception. Doing triceps workouts on a regular basis increases your strength and keeps weakness at bay. If you are strong, definitely you will feel better and happier. b. This is important as most of the people find it tough to handle the pressure of their workout regime and end up quitting. To gain good results from a workout, it is extremely important to be disciplined and that can be achieved only through focus and commitment.  READ MORE >>

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