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Too Hairy? Should You Be Worried About It?

Technology and advancement in knowledge has almost solved all the issues that plague humankind. That is without looking at the issues of unemployment, suicidal tendencies, HIV, and other life threatening diseases. Apart from this, humanity could be out of the woods.

Think about it, that thing that made you popular in elementary school all through to university, that thing you hated so much yet people still associated anything remotely similar to you. Chipped tooth, long nose, flat behind, thin arms, huge body, hairy face, and body, and all forms of characteristics that made kids at school follow you with mean remarks. The condition that almost left you out of the prom, it now has a solution thanks to advanced medicine and other discoveries.

This article seeks to address the issue, or non-issue thereafter of body hair. It is not your fault that you are hairier than majority of the population, you have no right blaming your parents. If they had a choice, they would have chosen lesser hair too. Since it has been a nuisance for many people in the world, scientists decided it was worth taking a crack at understanding hair growth and finding the underlying cause of it in order to come up with techniques that could effectively reduce your body hair or create the illusion of lesser hair. The following are methods you can to remove excess hair or hide the fact that you have a lot of it.

14/365 - Trimming the Beard

1.       Application of hydrogen peroxide

This method in nonprofessional’s language is known as bleaching. It effectively changes the color of your hair from black or any other color to a lighter color, mostly blonde or red. Hydrogen peroxide acts by removing the hair pigmentation on the strands and is re-applied once the hair grows a couple of inches. Because of the bleaching effect, the density of the hair is hidden creating the impression that it is lesser than it normally is. It is a temporary fix but it works, it can be applied to the head or facial hair, in rare cases it is also used for body hair effectively hiding it from the public eye.

2.       Electrolysis

This is an innovative method of hair removal; it involves the insertion of needles into the hair root then application of electricity, which burns the hair root leaving the follicles dead and unable to produce hair for up to eighteen months. However since there are no certified professional in this field, many beauticians recommend you to the one they have experience with, the one who makes the removal stick. It is an expensive affair but worth it.

It has several side effects such as pain, rashes, and possible infection. Before the procedure, all candidates are required to shave their hair three to four days before the procedure. This is to ensure that the hair growth is at the best stage for follicle burning to ensure the best results. In some stages, the burning might not be effective because the follicle can still produce hair even after electrolysis.

3.       Laser hair removal

Lasers have grown from some wicked weapon in the movies to something that can be used to change the lives of people. Laser eye surgery that returns your eyesight back to normal to hair removal and other surgical procedures that are life changing this technology has single handedly changed the lives of many people. Hair removal using lasers is done by certified professionals remove hair using equipment that emits different wavelengths of light such that depending on your skin type and hair type, the wavelength varies.

Scientists say that laser hair removal is preferable for light-skinned people than dark skinned people and it is not a racial thing. The science behind it shows that the waves act by burning melanin and the more the melanin one has the greater the potential damage on the skin, for light people who have small amounts of melanin compared to darker skinned people, this method proves very effective. It leaves you hairless for long periods of close to two years if correctly done.

4.       Removal using creams or depilatories

Shaving Day

Hair removal creams are many in the market, mainly specific to skin type or hair type. These creams are used to remove hair instead of shaving because they are ideally supposed to remove hair and leave the skin feeling smooth instead of the bumpy feeling after using a razor. In most cases, they are left on the hair for a few minutes and they burn the hair out after which, you wipe the cream off leaving you hairless and smooth.

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