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Tips to Make Your Wedding That Much More Special

Probably one of your most important days of your life will be the day you get married. It is a day which a culmination of organizing many things such as catering, photographer and a whole host of other important major factors.

With all these major things to get right it sometimes might be easy to miss organizing the smaller parts of the wedding and those smaller parts can often make the day that much more special.

Here are some areas which I think can help with this.


Welcome Cards

One of the things that made a wedding so very special for me, as a guest, was sitting down at my table at the reception and seeing a small card with my name on it.

At first I thought it was just a name card but upon closer inspection I found a message to me with a photo of me with the bride and groom from a previous fun night out.

Now this was a small reception and everyone knew the couple well so the photo idea wasn’t impossible but it was still a very nice thing to see for all the guests.

Even on large weddings you can still a welcome card with a message to the guest. Even if you can’t do the photos, it will be help make the day more special for everyone.

From Your History

Both the bride and groom will most likely have certain special events in their history; some while they were single and some as a couple.

You can use these special times in your lives on the wedding day.

For example you could do something simple such as frame photos taken on these special events and use them as part of the decoration.

You can also use this idea in more unusual aspects. For example you can name each of the dishes served at the reception from these events and even uses dishes from the place where the event took place.

These are only two example of where you can use your history on the wedding day. You can use it in all kinds of things. Just think about those really special moments in the life of you and your fiancée then think about what part of the wedding you want to use those moments in.

Hire a Photo Booth

Using one of these machines at your wedding can really help to make the day more special. I recommend you read this article for more information.

Bride and Groom Drinks

bridge groom drinks

Drinks have been and probably will always be an important part of the reception; alcoholic and non- alcoholic.

The easy thing to do is to buy a load of drinks and use them for the day but you can do something a little more special.

You can have your own wine, beer and soft drinks with your own labels.

The easy way of doing this is to make some drinks labels (with a photo of the bride and groom) and stick them on the bottles of drinks that you buy. Obviously you can’t sell these bottles, they should only be used on the wedding day and you should really get permission from the drinks manufacturer.

Another option is to make your own drinks. This is easier than it sounds and can be a lot of fun! You can buy kits to make your own beer and wine. Of course you need to check with the laws of your country to make sure this is legal.

The writer of this article, Jack Hopkins, lives in New Zealand and has good experiences with this place, a  wedding venue in South Otago.

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