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The Perfect Job Will Never Fall Into Your Lap – So Stop Waiting

Many of us have what we consider to be our perfect jobs clear in our mind, something we would look forward to doing every day, have no trouble getting out of bed for and wouldn’t have us clock watching from the moment we arrive, counting down the hours until we can go home again. Unfortunately the perfect job does not come along very often and you could find yourself waiting for years to see your ideal position advertised in the job pages.

While patience, as they say is indeed a virtue, there is no virtue whatsoever in running yourself into the ground doing a job you hate. Similarly being stuck at home and unable to find the right job can be just as depressing. So what can you do? Well you could wait for years until someone advertised that perfect role for you, so why not be a little proactive and go out and find your perfect job yourself?

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Making a Dream a Reality

There are literally millions of different jobs that you could do, but what do you really have in mind when you think of having a job that you love? Now ask yourself, are you being realistic? Does a job like that truly exist? Is it something that you can turn into a reality? We all have our pipe dreams, things we know we can wish for but that are too farfetched to ever come true, so look at your dream job and really think about it. Are you holding onto something realistic or are you wasting your time wishing for something that is simply too far out of reach?

If you find that you are overreaching with your dream job, try and break it down into the different aspects that make it a whole. Think about the different kinds of workplaces in which you could use some, if not all of the components of your ideal job. Suddenly you’ll find that doing something you enjoy and actually getting paid for it, is not as far out of reach as you first thought.

If You Don’t Ask You Don’t Get

Why sit around and wait for jobs to be advertised? Think about the different places that you would like to work and get in touch with them. Ring them and speak to personnel, send them your CV with a well written cover letter. Tell them how much you would enjoy working for them and what you could bring to the company. Make them know that they are missing out by not having you on their workforce. Ask them to keep your details so that you can be considered for any future vacancies, and more importantly keep in touch with them. Check in with them regularly, if you update your CV, send them an updated copy. Show them that you are serious and committed to working with them. You have so many different communication methods to choose from so email your CV, post it off, drop it in to their place of business in person, but do whatever it takes to get the job that you want before they have a chance to give it so someone else.

Mark Adamson is a regular speaker on the topic of professional development – he regularly visits for more information on how to help his clients find the jobs they want to find.

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