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The Perfect Headstones and Urns to Share Magical Memories

The loss of a loved one is a tough time for everyone, and when it comes to making arrangements it can be difficult to make such hard decisions as choosing a plot, a headstone, an urn or putting together a memorial service. However, by following some of these simple guidelines, you can make this process a lot easier for yourself and your family.


When picking out a headstone for a loved one’s grave, make sure that you first know the rules of the cemetery in which he or she will 379317_569124166433866_88453150_nbe buried – some cemeteries have restrictions on where the stone can be placed and how large it can be.

Choose what you want on the headstone as well as the stone itself. Popular long-lasting headstone materials include marble, fieldstone and granite. These stones can be carved into a traditional “arc” shape or you can get a special shape such as a cross or shield for something that stands out.

Pick a size that is representative of the person who has passed, as well as making sure that it is large enough for the inscription that is going to be placed on it. The engraving can be cut into the stone, or it can be made even more special by adding precious metals to the engravings.

Once you have had a meeting with your funeral director and chosen the type of headstone that you would like, ask to see a picture of what the final design will look like once it has been made.

Ask about prices, and if you want to keep costs down there may be a cheaper alternative to the stone type you order or you may be able to cut costs down with a shorter message engraving.


When choosing an urn, it is best to keep in mind where the urn is going to be kept. If it is going to be on display in your home, you may like to decorate it with engravings that match the headstone or other decorative details.

Urns come in range of shapes from classical cylindrical shapes to stars, birds, or other ornamental styles. Choose which style your loved one would have loved the most, visit, and then think about other details you may want to add such as engravings etc.

Pick a material for your urn that you think would suit your family member’s taste as well as your own. Remember that metal style urns can come in a variety of colors. This is ideal if you want to choose the deceased’s favorite color for the exterior of the urn or for the decoration. Alternatively, you can pick a classic ceramic or marble for the urn or opt for a traditional wooden carved style.

Whatever your price range, there are styles to suit everyone and even if you can’t get something as fancy as you would have liked for the person that you have lost, whether it’s an expensive headstone or urn, it is the thought that has gone into choosing it that counts.

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