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The History and Lucky Charm of Irish Jewelry

Jewelry has for a long time been used in adorning special possessions such as bibles and other books, together with decorating people’s bodies. Originally, jewelry was intended to show off the wearer’s wealth. But for those with no wealth, they needed to create their own wonderful jewelry, such as Irish jewelry.  The word could possibly be spelt as ‘jewellery’ in some regions. However, the build will always be inclusive of gemstones, gold and silver. The weighted gems, silver and gold are compensated by the pride, craftsmanship and skill of the artist.

Charm of Irish Jewelry

The metal working skills of Irish jewelry are part of Irish culture and tradition.   Such types of metalworking abilities provide great details of creating works of art in various watches or handbag materials in order to produce stunning products. Designers of Irish jewelry are considered legends in their own rights, as a result of the mystique that is Ireland and the millenniums of history.   Celtic jewelry reflects significance of death and afterlife of ancient Irish Celts that has been brought forward to recent times. Knots are typical in these jewels, with styles and icons most likely being a representation of the bond of trinity, even though the actual meanings of such styles have over time been lost.

A majority of the designs are stitched within Irish linen and completed fabrics. From between 2000BC to 500AD, Irish monks came up with amazing works of art. This was inclusive of Celtic jewelry traded across the Mediterranean, and chalices used loving devotional services to their gods or God. Appearance of the Celtic cross was in the middle ages, probably between the 8th century and tenth century. A number of the designs may be made up of human figures, mythical animals as well as interlaced knots, all having secret or known meanings. The circle seen at the back of the cross’s arms happens to be the main feature.

Around the same time, the process of making family coats of arms or crests became popular. Such type of identification provided another art avenue for replica handbags in Irish linen and Celtic jewelry. The variety of styles that detailed family background and history challenged the minds of the artists. Tie tacks and cuff links, watches and handbags often symbolized by a family crest, are produced using bronze, gold and silver. The figure of the shamrock, Celtic cross or Claddagh was in most cases the designs in men’s rings.

Jewelry is characterized by both lacy and delicate work, such as necklaces, bangles and earrings, together with heavy jewelry that is beautifully crafted, such as brooches and collars. Money clips, pillboxes and key rings give a more subtle statement about quality and traditions.  The Claddagh can be a symbol of commitment, friendship and love. It can be worn as a wedding ring or as an accessory. These rings started in the Claddagh, an Irish fishing village, with making of the present day ring beginning in the 17th century. Other cultures then followed suit and ideas began to be built on this, just like anything Irish.

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