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The Growing Popularity of The G&G Airsoft Gun

At a time when our country is fighting to find a gun and firearm policy to appease everyone, you might be a bit surprised to find out that adolescents and even adults are using non-lethal versions of real firearms for war games and other scenarios aimed at just having fun. A G&G airsoft gun and others like it are realistic looking copies of real assault weapons that fire either hard plastic or rubber ammunition.

G&G Airsoft Gun

Kids in America and around the world have always had a fascination with weapons and various military equipment. It should come as no surprise that the historically popular BB gun has given way to a more updated and militarized version. Various companies got into the act years ago and now there are multiple places both offline and online that kids and adults can purchase an airsoft gun that looks just like its real world counterpart.

Even with the rest of the country fighting to limit the use of assault rifles and other firearms, the airsoft industry has seen an increase in sales and events. People everywhere have set up team-like groups and host both shows and battles for fun. Most of the people who take this activity seriously don’t stop at the weapons. They attend these events in full battle dress. The come with fatigues, radio equipment, and almost anything else you could imagine. They have large capture the flag battles or just all out firefights using the little rubber or plastic BB’s as ammunition.

Safety is of course a concern considering the power some of these guns are packing. With the average BB flying at over 300 feet per second they can really sting when the hit their target. This is the reason that the participants will always wear headgear and safety goggles or glasses. Even with all the safety gear on and sometimes two layers of clothing, you can still feel the round hit which is why these are ideal for battle simulations. There are no cheaters either due to the honor system employed by participants.

The airsoft gun craze does not seem to be going away anytime soon either. Every year more and more guns are design and manufactured. They are made for varying levels of realism and power so that even people new to the activity can join in the fun. G&G airsoft gun owners pride themselves on the fact that not only does their equipment function as it should, but it also looks just like the real thing.

Just like the people who enjoy the paintball events and treat it as a little more than just a hobby, so too do those who participate in the airsoft events. They take great pride in their gear and how realistic everything looks. They will often adhere to rank systems just like in the real military and handle their battle simulations just as seriously. Although the level of realism is high anybody who participates in these events will tell you just how much fun they are having. They love the fact that they can get outside and run around in a forest or urban setting battling with their friends. Any of them will tell you that no video game can compare.

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