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The Effects of Apps on Brick and Mortar Hair Salons

The beauty salon world has been the forerunner of new and authentic looks for centuries. For the longest time, its success was credited to the glamorous lives of Hollywood stars and their exposures on the media. Besides this, entrepreneurs and investors found it a safe investment for any and all future endeavors. Stats have recently shown that the popularity around hair salons is not so far reaching as it once used to be. The industry is still present, but its physical nature is threatened. This is because of the advent of the digital age.

Many businesses have a bad run. But the beauty salon industry seems to be facing a metaphorical drought as of late. Not only is the internet t0 blame for this, but also other technologies, such as apps and VR simulations. Brick and mortar hair salons are gradually going off the map and here is why.

Brick and Mortar Hair Salons

The Online Presence

The online presence of businesses and professionals is increasing day by day. With the new age use of the internet to start a company and find clients, the physical element of having a structured business is no longer required. Most hairdressers and barbers are giving tutorials and tips on YouTube on how to style and cut your own hair. When the service is readily available to you for free, why would you go to a salon?

Beauty Service Apps

The use of salon apps has now become very common. These not only set up appointment but also help customers find their preferred hairdresser. The consumer’s preference is noted and there is little to no room for any human fault when connecting someone to what they are looking for. Apps are slowly taking over most industries as we know them, and the salon world has completely changed since their invention.

The “Glam Squad” Experience

It is common to see a “glam squad” pull up to famous people’s houses to get them ready for an event or even for a busy day. This rich experience was first thought of as way beyond the reach of the average person, but with lower rates and easier access, everyone can have their own glam squad at least once in their lifetime. Normal salons just don’t make the cut anymore.

No Front Desk Barriers

Salons are changing themselves. The basic notion of going to the hairdressers is making a call to set up your appointment, commuting to the establishment and then being greeted by a receptionist until your slot is empty. Since there is an end to this front desk barrier, there is more room for direct interaction with the professionals. Customers thus enjoy a more personal touch to the experience of getting their hair cut or styled.


No industry is truly dead because of a few applications. But there are consequences of letting technology change our lives so freely. Despite the advantages of having better services and easier way into any kind of hair care you choose, there are also issues like the loss of millions of jobs and fewer family based businesses.

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