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The Benefits of Home Exercise

Exercise of any kind is beneficial and highly advised but you would be wrong to think that you had to enrol in a fancy gym to be able to get fit. In fact, in response to the tough times in recent years, gym memberships are actually on the decline, with many people opting for the cheaper method of exercising at home instead. Fortunately, there are a number of advantages to be had from a home workout routine.

Home Exercise

It’s cheaper

The most obvious – and often most appealing – benefit of choosing to exercise at home is the amount of money you can save. Gym memberships are costly and full of complicated terms and conditions that can make it feel practically impossible to cancel the contract if you ever decide you can no longer afford it or simply do not want or need it anymore. Thousands of people take out a membership on a whim, only to neglect the gym and end up throwing away their money. With a home workout, you eliminate this risk.

It’s adaptable

Exercising at home is much easier to fit into a busy working life. Many people join a gym with every intention of regularly attending but work, family and other commitments soon take priority. By opting to work out at home, it means any sudden, unexpected free time can be put to good use; be it a spare five minutes or a full hour’s workout. You don’t have to worry about travel time to and from a gym or opening times; whenever you are ready to exercise, you can.

It’s focussed

Gyms are packed full of confusing and intimidating equipment, half of which the average person will never use. If you work out at home, you only need to buy the apparatus that you enjoy using and can get real benefits from. Whether you take it right back to basics with virtually no equipment whatsoever or set up your very own mini gym; your workouts can be completely tailored to what you need.

It’s adaptable

One thing that may put some people off exercising at home is the idea of feeling shut indoors all the time but this doesn’t have to be the case as home exercise doesn’t have to literally mean in your house. Get outside for a brisk walk around the block or an exhilarating cycle; folding bikes are a great way to encourage you to get out for a workout in the fresh air without worrying about storage space for it afterwards.

You’re not alone

It can be difficult to find a gym that offers good help and advice on your workout routine; leaving you feeling abandoned and at a loss as to what is best. In many cases, there is actually more support for people who choose to exercise at home, with an abundance of DVDs and interactive dance or fitness games to guide you in the right direction.

It’s private

A major issue that puts many people off heading to the gym is the thought of other people watching you at a time when you’re not exactly looking your best. Especially for beginners, this can often be a serious concern and it always seems to be the novice that ends up on a machine next to the resident show-off. The good thing about working out at home is that you can have complete privacy; just draw the curtains and give it your all without the fear of feeling embarrassed.

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