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The 5 Step Guide To Choosing The Most Special Urn For Ashes

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Losing a loved one can be a difficult time, but choosing an urn or casket is one the decisions we have to make when arranging a memorial service and burial plans. If you are choosing an urn for a loved one, there are 5 simple steps to follow which can help you through this difficult process.

Step 1: Size

Where is the urn going to be kept – on a mantelpiece at home, or on top of a piano? Or how big is the plot of land in which it is going to be buried? Where you are planning to put the urn will be a guide as to how big an urn you can get. Smaller urns are best for display in your home, whereas you might like a bigger urn for burial or for placing out in the garden. A standard urn size is usually about 10inches high with a 6 inch diameter.

Step 2: Shape

The traditional cylindrical urn shape is a popular choice for most people arranging ashes scatterings or burials. However, there are other choices such as cubes, rectangular boxes, orbs, or other creative urn shapes that could appeal to you if it reminds you of your loved one in a positive way.

Step 3: Material

The material of the urn will also be determined by where you are planning on keeping it. If you are burying the urn and would like it to break down into the soil, a biodegradable option might be best for you. However if you are planning on having it on display in your home then there are a range of brass and metal urns that can stand the test of time and still look decorative in your lounge or dining area.

Step 4: Color

The color of your urn will depend of the material you have chosen in the previous stage. If you go for a wooden urn, a dark mahogany might suit the décor of your house a lot better and perhaps the tastes of the person that has passed. Whereas a metal or silver urn can come in a range of colors which can suit your tastes or alternatively you can choose the favorite color of your loved one that has passed.

Step 5: Patterns or Engravings

The patterns that you place on your urn are totally up to you. You ca leave the urn plain if you believe that’s what your loved one would have wanted. However, some people like to have decorative extras on an urn such as flowers, musical notes, writings in different languages etc. The most important thing to remember is to tailor it to suit the person that has passed away.

Adding engravings can be a lovely way to remember the life of someone that has passed.  You can have names, dates, special messages, book quotes, bible verses, musical lyrics, or famous sayings engraved onto the metal of the urn so that their loves and sentiments can still live on even after they have gone.

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