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Teen Fashion: An Emerging Customer Base

Teenagers are not the first thing coming to one’s mind when you talk about fashion. But it is an emerging market. There are even magazines dedicated teenage fashion and some teenagers have started subscribing to these magazines and following the beauty tips of those magazines.

Earlier times the teenagers wore what their mothers had made at home. The average house wife had the knowledge to operate a sewing machine and almost every house had a sewing machine. In fact knowing how to sew was a skill every woman was supposed to have. Some mothers took pride in showing what they had sewn for their daughters and brag about what they had recently stitched. And another advantage was unlike those clothes you buy from a shop what you sew at home were unique and custom made. Nowadays mothers are working and they do not have time to spare for dress making and also on top of that it is a rare sight to see a sewing machine in a house. But there is a trend starting where teenage girls are interested in having their own custom made dresses.


As fashion has to feed on selling the products teen fashion industry is a little bit delicate matter. Even though the designers put lots of thought and effort into the designing it is not possible to charge a lot of money for those clothes and teenagers are not earning money. Also another challenging fact for the designers who handle teen fashion is they cannot be as creative as they want to be. Target clients being teenage girls the designs have to be not too racy and not too revealing. But young girls of course like to look sexy and attractive. Hence the designers have to walk a very thin line when it comes to designing for teen girls. But most of the teen designers have managed to do and make the teen customers and their parents happy.

Generally teen girls have lot of image issues and these fashion magazines really help them to groom themselves and make them look more presentable which gives them more strong personality. These fashion magazines mainly discuss about dresses but also there is a wealth of make up tips and how to choose make up according to your skin and how to choose shoes and other accessories also discussed. Also some of the famous fashion designers also give tips for these teen magazines. It is another reason for these teen girls to like these magazines as they do not have resources to higher the top end professionals to groom themselves. Obviously hiring a high end fashion designer for personal grooming is something a teenaged girl cannot afford but the teen fashion magazines make it a reality.

Teen fashion industry is still an emerging customer base. But slowly but steadily it is rising. It is showing signs of being a thriving business in the future. As all of us like to be in high fashion it is important for the fashion industry to cater all walks of life.

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