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Slide Scanning – Restoring Old Slides In Modern Digital Formats!

Old slides may contain some of your precious memories in the past. As old as these slides may be, you sure would want to save them from possible exposure and have them stored where you can easily access them.

So, how can you do this? With the modern slide scanning services offered today, you can now get your old slides in a top shape and make these slides look even better. In addition to this, you will also have the option to store the slides anywhere you like for easier access whenever you need them. Today, photos and videos are stored in a digital format to promote easy access and longevity. Likewise, these are the things that are achieved when you get slide scanning services.


How Does A Slide Scanning Service Work?

Slide scanning involves scanning the slides into digital formats. Once this is done, the slides are then stored anywhere you like, whether on your home computer, Smartphone, or flash drive. The process is made possible by the advances of the scanning techniques developed in the last decade.

Whenever the slides are scanned, the slides are typically converted into image file formats. The file formats may be PNG, JPEG, or BMP. These formats differ from one to another. For instance, having a JPEG file would mean that the file size is small, and there can already be a lot of files in JPEG format that can fit in one small SD card. The only downside for this format would be that this has a low quality. On the other hand, the PNG format has large file sizes. However, this is a good file format if you would like to have the best quality possible for your slides.

Things To Do Before Scanning Your Slides 

If you already decided to scan your slides, there are several things that need to be done before starting the process. Basically, you would want to group your slides into several categories. Organising your slides into groups would make it easier for you when starting the task. By doing this, you will be able to store the files according to their categories quite easily and without having to worry about getting confused on where the files would fall.

Another important thing that needs to be done would be to clean your slides thoroughly. Old slides can become dustier over time. In addition to this, there are also some dusts that will tend to stick and linger and will not be removed easily. If you are not able to clean the slides completely, you need not fret just yet as there are a lot of photo editing software that you can turn to when you need one. With the use of photo editing software, you will be able to manipulate photos, hide some dirty parts, and make your images look clean.

Hiring Slide Scanning Services

Another thing that you would need to consider when opting to scan your slides would be deciding whether you will do the scanning on your own or hire a slide scanning service. There are a lot of slide scanning service providers available right now. Before deciding on which route to take, it may be best to consider the number of slides that you need to scan. If you are considering scanning a lot of slides then it may be best to hire professionals to do the job for you as the task may become rather time consuming and tiring.

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