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Six Ways Small Business Owners Can Optimize Video Marketing

Videos can be an excellent way to market a business, but often small business owners feel that it is an approach that’s only effective when used by big companies. This is not true, however. Whether it’s a Kickstarter video aimed at encouraging donors to fund a project, a video advertising management training in NJ or straight product advertising, there are a number of ways for smaller companies to effectively market using video.

filmographerBe Yourself

Videos don’t have to be slick to be effective. In fact, it’s possible to craft an effective video in one’s own home or offices using a cell phone camera. The video should look as professional as possible, of course, but it’s not necessary to spend a lot of money to create that professionalism. Content, passion and charisma are key here. Speak in a way that will sincerely connect with your audience.

Give the Viewer Something to Do

End the video by telling the viewer what to do next whether it’s donating to a project, buying a product, signing up for a course or something else. These calls to action are crucial; they are the entire point of the video, and it’s important to end on that note of reinforcement.

Use Keywords To Optimize Search Placement

Optimizing search results doesn’t have to be a highly technical endeavor. It simply involves choosing the right keywords to guide the right audience to your video. This means not leaving any fields blank in YouTube as well as using descriptive keywords anywhere else that you post a link to the video.

Use Facebook and Twitter

Promote your video on social media. In particular, be sure to use Facebook and Twitter. Promoting on social media should not be overdone, and promotional posts should be interspersed with other types of posts as is generally best practice for social media sharing.

Establish a Listing on Google Local Business

If you haven’t already listed your business on Google Plus, you need to do so. Once you’ve got a page up promoting your business, you can link your videos there as they are produced.

Host Your Videos in Different Places

It may be tempting and even seem sensible to host all your videos in one place, but that isn’t really the case. You’re actually better off spreading your hosting across several sites including YouTube and your own website. While a site like YouTube brings in more traffic and keeps introducing new viewers to your business, you can keep your own site fresh and give people incentive to return to it if you occasionally include exclusive video content there.

Video as a marketing tool is not just available to big companies who can afford slick productions. By following the six tips above, businesses of any size can effectively market themselves to current and new customers using video.

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