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Shot-to-Shot Ammunition is Important to Successful Competition Shooting

Since the first settlers came to the shores of the American continent, shooting sports such as hunting have been part of the fabric of American life. Today, hunting, skeet shooting, trap and sporting clay target shooting and other competitive shooting venues are widely practiced in the United States. The popularity of the shooting sports is growing, as more women enter this competitive field and more youth programs become available each year. It is only appropriate that Remington STS ammo has been developed to bring shot-to-shot shells to a new level of high performance for these competitors.

Competition Shooting

Competitive shooting sports involve tests of the participants’ shooting proficiency (in speed and accuracy) using various firearms and air guns. The sports themselves are categorized by the types of targets used, the distances from the targets from which the shots are made, and the type of firearm(s) utilized in each. Remington STS ammo has been proven to have a new consistently better performance level than ever for competitors in the Grand American Tournament, which is the largest of the world’s shooting tournaments. Remington has earned more awards than any other ammunition brand at this competition. The company also sells more shells there than any other manufacturer. Customers’ online reviews report they are using these shells with confidence.

In addition to this manufacturer’s long list of tournament winners, some of whom reload their own shells, other hand loaders report ease of reloading and great longevity of the hulls. Remington STS ammo is available in most gauges and also with a managed-recoil feature, which is excellent for skeet and other sport shooting as it adds accuracy and consistency to the target range with 40 percent less recoil being felt. Shooters can also purchase Limbsaver ™ grind-to-fit pads or Super Cell™ Recoil pads to protect their shoulders from bruising. Shooters can also purchase different choke tubes to regulate their shotgun’s shot spread patterns. Full choke gives the shooter more range in a competition. Skeet and clay target shooters will probably prefer over/under double barrel shotguns rather than side by sides. Adding fiber optic gun sights help shooters acquire their targets easier in low light situations. These are just a few of the different gun parts that can be added to modify a competitors’ gun for his or her comfort and competitive edge.

Hunting and the shooting sports are, first and foremost, family oriented events. The American Trap Shooting Association is the shooting organization that sponsors the Grand American Tournament. They also have individual state and regional chapters that sponsor many other, smaller tournaments throughout the year.  The National Shooting Sports Foundation sponsors many adult programs, but also sponsors youth programs, which is the fastest growing population in the shooting sports field. The USA Shooting Team competes all over the world and features men and women in the competitive shooting sports field. The U.S. Army sponsors its own competitive shooting team that attends many sporting events throughout the year. AIM (Academics, Integrity, Marksmanship) is the official youth program of the Amateur Trapshooting Association. Elementary youth through college-age students compete either as a shooting team or as individual shooters. The National 4-H Shooting Sports program teaches the rules of hunting, marksmanship, and the safe and responsible use of firearms.  Some high schools around the country are even beginning to add the shooting sports as one of their Physical Education courses for high school students. There will be many participants for the shooting sports well into the future.

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