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School Fundraising With an Ethnic Flavor To It

The world is often referred to as a global village. It is certainly not far from reality as we come across people from various regions in the world with different cultures living in the same areas. On occasions, one can come across a community that is based on people from different ethnic backgrounds altogether and living side by side.

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Such unity within diversity can be put to good effect if you are looking to do some school fundraising and happen to live in an ethnically diverse area. There are some great ideas for school fundraising that can be brought to use.

Ethnic Food

This is one of the more obvious ideas for a school fundraisers. Every culture has their special cuisines. Some of the dishes on offer are just too good to resist. You can set up a food festival at the school where children from different cultural backgrounds can get some dishes made from their ancestor’s cultural heritage and sell them.

A part of the price can be given to the school for the fundraising purposes. This will also be a lot of fun for those who are looking to enjoy the cuisines from different regions from the world and will bring further harmony in the society.

Traditional Clothing

This is another aspect that you will see in every culture as all have their distinct clothing. There are all kinds of options available and sale of ethnic clothing can be a great fundraising ideas. You can arrange an event where the clothing from the different culture can be put on display and can be sold.

Have an understanding with the sellers that a certain percentage of each sale will go towards the school’s fundraising efforts. Make sure that you promote the event well and in advance so that people can come and participate to the fullest. The sales can be great if good products are available and people will certainly be willing to pay top bucks for good products.

Movie Night

You can also arrange a movie night. Do a bit of research and find out which ethnic community has the greatest presence in your area. Find out the most famous movie in their language that can be screened with families around and arrange for a screening. Invite students and other community members to the event and have a ticket for each person who attends.

You are likely going to get quite a few people coming for a bit of family fun. Have the snack and drinks trolley available and you can add to your collections with their sales too.

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