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Review on Ford Fiesta

The Fiesta of yesterday is altogether very different from the All New Fiesta. The all-new Fiesta characterizes the notion of creating the precise connections in all the precise places. Every feature of its design and engineering has been cautiously well thought-out to build a car of such eminence and superiority that it really positions itself out from the crowd. It’s little sensation that the all-new Fiesta is pleasing the automotive world by storm.

Ford Fiesta

Ford Fiesta is brilliantly distributed in length, width and breadth which is 4291mm, 1722mm, 1496mm respectively. Fiesta looks perfectly fabulous from the front. It pulls up attraction with marginally rounded sideways with a large ledge in the back. Gracious and Energetic, the Fiesta’s finely sculpted curvatures with stretched out headlamps give an unending sense of vigour and wave that commands every one’s courtesy. The headlamps are of            twin chamber having bright reflectors for stretched visibility. One more automatic feature in the exterior is that both the side mirrors fold-in, when parked. Body coloured front bumpers enhance the Fiesta’s looks.

The upholstery in most of the models is of flat woven mondus max fabric. The release knob of parking brake is of chrome. The centre console gets metallic finish. Glove box, front and rear door cup and magazine holders amount for the storage capacity. Whereas the boot space available is of 430 ltrs. Mobile phone-stimulated controls in the console and steering wheel gets with voice control to regulate climate control as well as cruise control. All the statistics required are effectually displayed in the multi- purpose LED. The polished atmosphere inside the car is a proper oasis of calmness. As the interior resembles cockpit it provides immense pleasure to be driven in the all new Fiesta. One of the worthy features is the child seat, to guarantee well-being and safety of a new-born inside the car, which can be attached in front of rear seats with seatbelts.

 The all new Fiesta with petrol engine has 4 cylinder in-line 16V DOHC, with a displacement of 1499cc. Maximum power output in kw (PS)/rpm is 81(109)/6045 and maximum torque (Nm/rpm) is 140/4500. 5-speed Manual transmission is the common feature in both the Fiesta’s. The diesel engine has 4 cylinder in-line 8V SOHC displacing a 1498cc. Max power in kw (PS)/rpm is 67(90)/3750 and a max torque (Nm/rpm) is 204/2000-2750. The suspensions in the front are independent McPherson Strut with coil spring & anti-roll bar and in the rear twin shock absorbers filled with gas & oil along with semi-independent twist beam. The ground clearance is 156mm, with a turning radius of 5.2 m. Ventillated discs in the front and self-adjusting drums in the rear brings the car to a halt. Six speed automatic dual power shift comes only in two models that are, 1.5P Style AT and 1.5P Titanium+ AT. With its electro-motorized controls, it eliminates the need for fuel guzzling torque adapters, oil pumps and lines to provide a driving distance higher than the other manual models. The fuel economy is 16.86 kmpl in petrol versions and the diesel variant 23.5 kmpl.

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