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Review Clear Choice Synthetic Urine – Tips to Consider Before Using a Fake Sample

Urine testing or screening is one of the most reliable ways to check an individual’s status on prohibited drugs or prescriptions. Various companies and establishments are requiring current and future employees to undergo the said laboratory examination for security reasons. Now, when this has to be taken at random or without notice, you will surely freak out, especially when you are smoking weed or marijuana. Due to this surprise or requirement, people looked for a way out and have learned to use synthetic urine. They replace their own liquid waste with a fake sample.

Review Clear Choice Synthetic Urine

If this is the only solution to pass the test, then I suggest you to read the clear choice sub solution review. You might be smart and have thought about using an imitated human liquid waste, but the experts will always find a way to know what is real and not. If this synthetic product is not made of good quality, there would be a possibility for this to fail. When this happens, they are going to find that it is fake. Therefore, you have to be very careful about where this product is coming from to avoid getting caught.

I know that a lot of people would like to fool the result of their urine drug test because they cannot abstain from weed smoking. They are used to it and have treated this like a tobacco cigarette. I am very much aware that you would do everything just to make sure that the result will be in favor of you. Other people will surely understand why you would like to use this synthetic sample. But before buying and using one, you should consider a few things.



Do you know why experts can detect that you have passed them a fake sample? First, it is because you bought a fake kit. And then, the main components are incomplete. You would like to cheat on your test, but do not allow other people to fool you because this sample is very important.

You should know that when the kit that you will buy lacks the components that are also present in human being’s liquid waste, it would really fail. Can you see now how essential it is to learn and read reviews before making a purchase online or even in some shops around?



Make sure that you will only buy from a legitimate seller. And then, when you are looking at the package of your fake sample kit, check the contents. Make sure that urea, uric acid, creatinine, pH level and specific gravity are listed. Some packages are false and does not really contain such components. But with an authentic brand and seller, you will not get fooled.

How do you think can the chemists make a fake liquid human waste? For example, one of the main organic components is urea or carbamide, which is a living organism waste. If you are going to combine silver cyanate and ammonium chloride, then you will come up with a crystalline, which is very identical to a urea. This only shows that it is possible to add urea to a synthetic urine.

Actually, this fake sample contains different chemicals. It has 0.8g of creatinine, 0.07g of uric acid, 0.1g of lactic acid, 0.4g of citric acid, 10.0g of urea and 6.5 level of pH to name a few. In my opinion, if these chemists are not good and wrong formula was made, then it would be a big failure. So, if you are thinking that this mixed chemicals will be the only and last solution to pass your drug test, then think about it. By the way, go here for further reading on the formula and composition.

Using the Kit

Let’s say that you have bought a kit from a legitimate shop. Now, do you know how to use it properly? Keep in mind that one wrong move and you will fail this test. I supposed, you know that real chemists crafted this solution and it is formulated specifically for a particular urine drug test. Of course, you will surely pass because it is clean and do not contain a single drug metabolite. Do not allow your ignorance to fail you.

Basically, you may have to mix this solution with water. That would be very easy and simple, right? Now, is your real pee warm or cold? Remember that you have to keep this solution with the right temperature. Failure to do this will be too suspicious. Of course, with the temperature alone, you can get caught that it was a trick even without checking it. But when you have a heat pack, make sure to keep it warm before submitting your sample fake pee.

Using the Kit

Will it really work?

Well, you will surely doubt about how effective this formula is, right? If you are determined to use this type of product on the day of your drug test, then be prepared. In my opinion, you should practice mixing it at home and make sure that you can do it right. Do not take too much of your time on your screening day because taking a longer time in the washroom would be suspicious. Laboratory assistants may send you to the washroom area and it would be great, if they will give you some privacy to pee. That would be your chance to do the mixing. So, be very quick and careful, too.

Again, do not trust unknown shops when buying your synthetic kit. Do not forget that this contains purely chemicals and the amount may sometimes have differences. You may try using it with a home drug test kit. You will get the same result, anyway. I guess, this is the best way to find out, if the kit will really work or not. But if after trying several times and the results failed, then that is a sign that you must start reading more reviews and scouting for real shops. Or else, abstinence is the only way to pass.

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