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Plastic Membership Cards For “Members Only” Discounts and Promotions

I must admit that I have never been a massive fan of membership cards. I often found myself at the check-out being asked if I would like to sign up for a membership card, politely declining and then being continually pursued for membership. For me, I just wanted to get in and out of the shop and back to what I was doing without the hassle of having to sign up for a membership card.

As the economy started to slow and money became a bit tighter, I admit that I started to look twice when I was offered a membership card to see exactly what I could get and I was surprised to find that a membership card could not only save me a great deal of money – but it could also go a long way to ensuring that I was able to get a decent return off the money that I was spending there in terms of free gifts and items that I could redeem my membership points for.

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It was at this point that I really started to look at how I could use membership cards to save cash and found that there are actually some pretty good deals out there if you know what you are looking for. I started off by looking in the stores that I regularly shopped at – and that I regularly spent a lot of money at – and joined up to their membership programs straight away. Once I had got the ball rolling I didn’t look back and now I have a wallet full of membership cards that I can pull out in almost every shop.

Membership cards can offer a whole range of bonuses to anyone from cash back to special prices on gifts right through to a points scheme and it’s this points scheme that happens to be the most popular of the lot. A scheme of this type allows you to collect points every time you shop and then redeem them for gifts within the shop which are valued at a certain amount of points – each point is usually worth a monetary value and this allows you to work out how many points will receive in each spend that you make.

Another great benefit of having a membership card is that you can have access to members only promotions and prices. In many cases this can include discounts of the recommended retail price or even special events which members are invited to. This can give you the opportunity to snap up a bargain at a really good price.

So if like me you were often sceptical about membership cards, and you are looking to get a little more out of your regular shopping experience, then put down those concerns and get straight into those membership cards – you’ll be saving money in no time!

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