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Pinterest Launches Analytics to Help Users

pinterestMany companies have begun using Pinterest to connect with their audience, market their products and gain social media presence. The social media site has proved to be just as effective, if not more effective as platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIN. The big problem with Pinterest was that the site did not provide analytics data to users.

A New Development for Businesses that Are Using Pinterest

The good news is that Pinterest has just announced that it is releasing an analytics tool for website owners that want to measure their Pinterest activity. It will allow business owners to see many important statistics. You’ll be able to see how many people are pinning your content, how many impressions your content is getting, the number of clickthroughs you’re receiving, which content is getting the most pins, and an overview of your Pinterest performance.

How You Can Use Pinterest’s Web Analytics

There are many uses for Pinterest’s latest offering. You’ll be able to figure out which of your content is producing the most results and focus on what’s already working. You’ll figure out what kinds of topics and types of content people are really responding to. You’ll also get an idea of what other related content is getting pinned, so you can get more great ideas.

From a marketing standpoint, this will allow businesses to get more out of their campaigns. Businesses will also be able to spend less time on market research and won’t have to waste their budget on ideas that are less likely to pay off. It will be of great benefit for businesses that use content marketing and inbound marketing to generate results.

Why It Also Serves as a Great Way to Attract Internet Angel Investors

As a startup business, it can be very challenging to get investors. One of the best kinds of investors is Internet angel investors. Many of these investors will take chances on startups that would normally be passed over by venture capitalists. Showing investors what kind of traffic you are getting with your Pinterest analytics as well as other analytic data from social media platforms, search engine traffic and email, will increase the chances of them taking a chance on you.

Another great way to get capital is to start a Kickstarter video. Kickstarter is a funding platform for creative projects. Many entrepreneurs have gotten the funding they needed by featuring their project on the site. By showing the public your analytics, you’ll gain their confidence and have a higher chance of getting the funding you need.

In conclusion, the timing of Pinterest’s analytic tool could not be more perfect. If you haven’t been using Pinterest, it’s a good time to try it as many businesses reporting Pinterest matching the performance of and even exceeding other social media platforms. You’ll be able to make better decisions, create the right kind of content and get a better understanding of your customers and marketplace.

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