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Owning a Part of History

Often times it seems we go about our day-to-day lives forgetting to pause and remember the incredible country we live in. Living in a land of liberty and freedom is an honor we should remember each day. What better way to be reminded of this than having significant items from American history resting in your home? From stamps, to coins, to collector guns, explore the myriad of ways to honor American history through your collection.


For the active person, stamp collecting is the ideal collector’s hobby. Regardless of climate or age, it is a hobby that anyone can take up and master their entire life. Stamp collecting often requires a great deal of research to find particular stamps as well as some hands-on work to remove stamps from their original envelopes and mounting them into your album. For the entire process of removing and re-mounting stamps, take a look at some of these tips.

Owning a Part of History

With stamp collecting not only are you gathering pieces of history, but you are partaking in a hobby that has been made famous by President Franklin Roosevelt and Warren Buffet. Connect through this tradition and start your own collection by gathering the moments in history that hold the most significance in your life.


Coin collecting is another great way to own a part of history. The first coins to come out of the United States were copper cents in 1793 from the Philadelphia Mint. These coins were hand made one by one, an incredibly labor intensive process. Currently, approximately 700 coins can be produced in one minute.

There are many reasons why individuals find worth in collecting coins. While some coins can actually grow in monetary value, others are sought after simply because of the significant times in history their birth originates from. Coins can tell stories of our nation’s past and give us additional insight to our history.

Today, millions of Americans have turned coin collecting into a personal hobby. However, coin collecting is considered one of the oldest hobbies that originally was adopted solely by the extremely wealthy. This is why coin collecting is sometimes referred to as the “hobby of kings.”

Tribute Rifles and Guns

For the gun lover, there is no better way to commemorate significant wars of our past than by collecting tribute rifles and guns.  With an abundance of tribute rifles and revolvers available, there are many opportunities to own superbly crafted collector firearms that portray the spirit of the Civil War.  From Jefferson Davis and Robert E. Lee to Sons of Confederate Veterans, these tributes hold the remembrance of the momentous growth of our country during trying years. Make your piece of history a conversation piece by hanging it on a wall or preserving it behind a protective case. There are countless ways to let the history of your item speak for itself.

It is because of those trying years of struggle and growth that America was also able to enjoy times of great entertainment! You can be reminded of the classics, John Wayne, Elvis Presley, Roy Rogers, Gene Autry, James Arness and many more by preserving their essence through a collection of commemorative tribute rifles, revolvers, and pistols that signify these entertaining moments in history.

There are countless items you can collect, but if you’re searching for a way to connect with history and preserve the memory of our nation’s past, these are some of the best ways to do that in your own home.  Collect with friends and family and create your own memories!

Written by Melissa Harter, a full-time blogger who loves collecting and paying tribute to American traditions.

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