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Online Healthcare For New York State Residents

Illness often strikes without any warning and when it does it generally does not leave any reaction time to take the patient to the hospital, especially in case of serious ailments. Chances are likely that the patient might die, before he is taken to a healthcare facility, or by the time the doctor arrives. In such a situation, it is extremely important to get his illness diagnosed and start remedial action immediately. The scenario gets even worse if the illness strikes late at night. It is in such a situation that an organization like Blitzcare comes to the fore. You only need a computer connected to the internet to get help from their team of doctors, trained to handle any emergencies, 24 hours a day. Not only does BlitzCare provide you with urgent online healthcare, they also provide online consultation and diagnosis. Apart from this, you can also order medicines from their online drugstore. Prevention always was and is better than cure. You should keep their doctors informed about the medical history of you and the other members of your family.


However, you have to register with BlitzCare to avail of their facilities. This is a simple task. Create an account on their online portal and answer some simple questions. Following this step, you have to inform them about your medical history, including your ailments and symptoms. If you have undergone an x-ray before, you can also upload an image of the same. This will help their doctors to know more about your health condition. You next have to pay a small amount of cash via one of several payment options. Their physicians will go through your symptoms and contact you via phone within half an hour. Since the interaction is between you and the physician, you can be sure that the information passed is secure and safe. The best part is that you can avail of their facilities even if you do not possess a health insurance.

BlitzCare also has several plans for employers, which helps them to provide urgent online care to their employees at extremely affordable rates. As mentioned before, prevention is the best form of cure. You should sign up with BlitzCare even if you are a healthy person. You do not have to pay any fees for this. The information provided by you will help them to provide immediate and targeted solutions in case you fall sick in the future. Members of BlitzCare can consult with their panel of doctors via phone 24 hours a day. So what are you waiting for? Fill up their online form and become their member. You will have peace of mind knowing that a doctor is just a phone call away to take care of your ailment. If you believe that this type of advanced medical diagnosis and treatment is extremely costly, be prepared for a surprise. It costs only $30 for a one time consultation. This works out far cheaper than fuel costs incurred in visiting the doctor. Add to this the time you save and you will understand the full value of BlitzCare.

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