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Nine Tips for Having a Successful Kickstarter Project

kickstaterKickstarter has quickly become one of the most popular methods of crowdsourced investing available. It has helped gain funding for thousands of projects such as charities, game development, start-up businesses and more. Starting a Kickstarter is quick and easy, but there are some key things to try out in order to attract investors to a specific project.

Set a Clear Goal

Estimate exactly how much the project will need in order to get off the ground. The goal can be as large or small as desired, but it should be enough to get some aspects of the project up and running.


Every project has a story behind it. No matter what the story is, people want to hear it. Tell the story behind the project and connect with the audience to help gain donations, loyal fans and even friends.

High-Quality Video

Making a crowd funding video is a great way to introduce people to the project. However, ensure that the video is as professionally shot and edited as possible. Cheaply made or poorly edited videos may make the project look unappealing.

Rewards System

One of the reasons some people donate to Kickstarter projects is because they’ll receive a reward if they donate a certain amount. If there is a rewards system in place for this project, ensure that it is easily understood and appealing to investors.

Investing Time

Staying involved in the Kickstarter is a great way to keep track of donations, update fans on the progress of the project and more. When the creators of the project show that they put a lot of time and effort into caring for their fundraiser, it will assure investors that they put that much effort and more into the actual project.

Manufacturing and Shipping

If the project does get funded, the owner will need to figure out how to deal with the manufacturing and shipping aspects of the rewards and products. It’s best to figure this out beforehand to ensure that there are no problems while the Kickstarter is going or after it is complete.

Spread the Word

One of the best ways to get people interested in a project is by spreading the word across the Internet through social media sites, blogs, video sharing sites and more.

Have a Great Sales Pitch

When trying to get other people involved with the project to attract more investors, ensure that there is a professionally made and appealing message to send to potential promoters. Tell them who the creators are, what the project is about, links to any useful sites with information on the project, why they should promote the project and end with a note of thanks.

Let the Investors Get Involved

From a simple personal note of thanks to features only available to investors, there are numerous ways to show appreciation to investors. Ask for their ideas and suggestions. Make personal emails for each investor. Even the smallest bit of recognition can make investors feel appreciated and included.

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