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New Features Roundup on Popular Social Networking Websites

The war for supremacy is getting more intense these days among social media sites. Social media sites are always under pressure to attract more patrons towards their site, and unless they increase and remain in the forefront, their very survival may become doubtful. The business of owning and operating a social media website is not what it used to be once upon a time – a small website with a few hundred users who know each other personally. Often, these sites, restricted admission and many of them were in the practice of admitting members on invitation only. The truth is they operated more like private clubs open only to the elite.


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The new trend in social media on the other hand is a mass movement. Admission is generally open to practically anyone and the process generally takes very little time to accomplish. Unlike restricted social media, mass social media put very little control on its users. That is what makes them useful. It not only makes keeping in touch with people easy, but also doubles as a tool for marketers. You can use them to spread the word about your business and opinion worldwide. It is also an excellent way of keeping in touch with your peer group and your customers.

Some marketers even use social media to counter adverse remarks and negative impressions about their products and services. Social media in their quest to garner big patronage, try making their sites as friendly as possible, and the technique they use is making it feature rich. With smartphones, iPads and iPhones now dominating over traditional personal computers, the battle for the top position has reached its zenith. Without an exception, almost all social media have come with newer features especially targeted at mobile phone users. Here are 3 interesting new features you may want to know more about.

  • New Twitter Features

After it became public knowledge that Instagram was withdrawing its services for Twitter users, Twitter has introduced a new feature very much like the one that Instagram had been giving with its photo editor. In what Twitter calls filters, editing photos have been made a lot easier. The new feature includes apps for Android as well the iOS. Besides the filter itself, there are also cropping tools.

For those who don’t want to spend their time on working too much on their photo, the new feature allows users to automatically enhance photos, and that too with just a few clicks. You can have a look at the filters at

  • New Facebook Features

One of the most often discussed topics on the Internet is privacy. Not everything that users put on their profile, it should be noted, is intended for everyone. With this objective in mind, Facebook has come with some new privacy features. This they do by providing shortcut tools to their users. Users can use the tools for controlling how much information they can put for sharing and that too with very few clicks on the tool bar.

This feature will enable users on deciding whether they can be contacted by email or other means. In general, the new feature gives total control on the user’s content. Users who want to learn more about the feature can visit

  • Pinterest for Business Features

One of the notable Pinterest features that they have introduced is targeted toward business. It is also expected that still more is on the anvil for the business community and possibly include business promotion tools. Among the business tools that you will find useful is the ‘Pinterest Business Case Studies and Examples’.  Some features may need a business subscription and you may have to pay for using them. To learn more about business accounts and how to subscribe, visit

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