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Mixing Media for Best Results

mixing media

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Remember the days when a trade show was made up of roll up banners, eye-catching stands and promo people standing around discussing offerings?

Now, do you attend exhibitions only to be confronted by touch-screen media that directs you to a website explaining a company’s product or service when you really would like some face-to-face time with a rep? Well, both digital and traditional marketing still have their place in the world of exhibits and trade shows, and in face, they can work together to create a successful show.

Digital Is Here To Stay

If last year and this first part of 2014 are anything to go by, the digital marketing industry has enjoyed a revolutionary year and chances are it’s set to continue. So while traditional marketing methods ruled the roost some ten years ago, the rapid advancements in technology and social media mean that no matter what business you run, you cannot afford to miss out on the digital bandwagon.

Whether you’re building your presence on social networks, mobile sites, location-based services or the social web, digital marketing is well and truly in full swing. But that doesn’t meant that traditional marketing methods aren’t as effective as they used to be. It doesn’t mean you should be altogether abandoning conventional marketing and placing all your eggs in the digital marketing basket, either.

Think about those eye-catching roll up banners and other display stands that need to attract passers-by to your trade stand. Shouldn’t each banner proudly display your social networks, website address and email contact?

Although it’s not easy to answer whether or not traditional marketing has outlived its shelf life, feel that the right mix of both digital marketing and traditional media can help any business achieve the best possible results. And here’s why.

It’s Not About One or the Other

Traditional versus digital marketing is somewhat of a nonstarter debate. It’s really not about choosing one or the other but more about how to use both together to gain maximum exposure and traction for your business or brand.

While traditional marketing tools such as print and television are still considered evergreen, they simply don’t rule the roost anymore. But they are still highly valuable mediums when correctly coupled with new media. New media is the term that’s been coined to cover a wide selection of modern techniques such as social media and Web 2.0.

Is Print Dead?

Even if you’re the most avid of social media loyalists and admire new media greatly, there’s no denying that print media like an attractive banner is not yet dead. Both print and TV can work really well in conjunction with new media to maximize a business’s gains.

As a matter of fact, TV has changed from what the experience was 5 years ago. The availability of Live TV on the internet has boosted television’s popularity and continues to increase influence.

A World Gone Mobile

Many traditional techniques have experienced a major drawback in that they have limited reach. Digital marketing, though, realises the dream of anywhere, anytime marketing. Take mobile, including tablets and smartphones, it seems this medium particularly is no longer an “optional” channel for marketers, but an absolute must.


It’s becoming evident that more and more marketers are turning to the best of both worlds – native apps and websites for anytime, anywhere connectivity along with traditional print media to create cohesive, top-of-mind brands and campaigns.

What are your thoughts on mixing both types of media successfully?

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