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Learn The Affordable Way to Landscape and Save Money

Landscaping can be a costly endevor, but the right landscape can save homeowners money, add appeal and raise the value of a home. If done well, it can cut down costs on yard maintenance. Homeowners who have been thinking about giving their yards a facelift can consider the following tips before hiring a professional to do landscaping.

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• Look at home magazines and the neighbourhood for ideas on the desired type of professional landscape. The better the idea a homeowner wants, the more control the homeowner will have over the professional landscaping bid because the professional will waste no time coming up with ideas that the homeowner may like.

• Plant for the local climate. Those who live in dry areas shouldn’t have a tropical rain forest landscape. The cost of watering the plants to keep them green will be high. It’s also likely that the homeowner will lose the plants. Visit nurseries and find out the most suitable plants for the area.

• Skip the grass especially when landscaping the front yard. Grass is expensive to maintain and keep green. Instead, add paths, rocks and other visually appealing elements to the landscape.

• It’s also important for homeowners to know how large the plants or trees they want can grow. Plants that look small and beautiful when young can grow to become uncontrollable bushes once mature. Homeowners should imagine how the landscape will look a year after planting.

• Use composting and mulching on the soil instead of chemical fertilizers. Spend more money on amending poor soil structure than fertilizers that will be needed more and more as the original dose wears off. Compost is less toxic to the soil, more affordable and has no harmful effects on plants.

• Thinks spacing. Landscapers sometimes overplant so that the finished yard looks fuller. However, plants grow and proper spacing should be implemented to save money on the landscaping.

• Think small. Look for plants in 1-gallon containers rather than larger containers. Plants grow better in soils that are properly amended and with the right climate. The price difference between 1-gallon plants and for example, 5-gallon plants can be significant when multiplied by the number of plants to be grown in a yard.

• Ask for low-flow irrigation systems that will water small areas or just the plant. This helps people save water and money. Such systems are also easy to install and can even be installed by the homeowner saving money on the landscaping.

• Consider installing a pergola. This refers to a series of connected arches that serve as a structure over a garden path that leads to a special spot. It can also be used to frame a focal point, vines or climbers.

• Having a pergola is a money saving idea because the frame adds beauty and style to the garden and can be made out of any building material. Some of the most common materials used to make the structure include wood, cast iron, tile, concrete or composites. There are many pergola designs with varying width, lengths and heights. They can also have curved or flat tops.

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