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Ladies Day The Heart OF The Royal Ascot

Who can even think of missing the great event in summer at Ascot? The Royal Ascot undoubtedly a unique and grand event held yearly in England in summer (in the third week of June), steeped in pageantry, tradition and heritage and old almost thousands of years. It is the greatest celebration of each and everything and also the world’s greatest meeting. At Royal ascot people comes from all over the England , stay at Ascot in the luxurious hotels and enjoy their week with a lot of fun , they come with their families , friends and colleagues  each year enjoy each day with new spirit and joy. Basically it is the Royal meeting at Ascot, held annually, and attended by the members of British Royal Family and Queen that arrives each day with Royal procession in a horse drawn carriage.

ladies day ascot fashion

The Royal Ascot last for 5 days from Tuesday to Friday, each day carries a featured race along with other events. Races are held in the Ascot Racecourse which was founded in 1711 by Queen Anne. The Five days of the Royal Ascot are named as

Tuesday-Queen Anne Stakes Day

Wednesday-Prince of Wales Stakes

Thursday-Gold Cup – Ladies Day

Friday-Coronation Stakes

Saturday-Golden Jubilee Stakes

At the third day of Royal Ascot meeting there is a Gold Cup Day usually called ladies day ascot which is the major event of horse racing, where everyone has to present themselves in an specific and unique dress court most important thing of is that Ladies day take a lot of media attention. Ascot Ladies Day is basically a fashion parade, it is the day when creation of the designers reaches to their height.

The most important part of ladies day is fashion, everyone wants to be in a dress code that is unique and catches the attention of others. At this day women are supposed to be dressed in summer dresses with hats whereas man are expected to wear top hats and morning dresses, The Ascot ladies day 2013 is on Thursday 20th June , dress code for the women is same as the last year , but people are expected to be in the more nice dress by living in the limits of dress code. Tickets for both Grand stand and silver ring are for the ladies day ascot 2013 are available, interested people can book their seats form Ascot website or from any other dealer online with full package.

For the individuals planning to spend their whole day in the Ascot, betting ladies day at ascot will prove a profitable way. As Royal Ascot last for five day and having people who attend the whole event of just attend a specific day the ladies day, punters have their own betting tips on the basis of hundreds of past races and their results, for the people attending the Ladies day need some opinions from others for betting, Royal ascot ladies day betting is famous to the extent that people bet on the color of hat which queen is supposed to wear at that day.

Well, we can say that the third day or royal meeting is the most popular day furthermore it drew huge crowd from all over the England in which there is a large range of women spectatords!

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