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Increase The Winning Ratio In Solitaire – Find Out How?

Many people who are interested in playing solitaire sometimes complain about the toughness of the game, some even argue that it is almost impossible to win at solitaire. This is of course not true; the game is just a little tougher than other card games. But to be successful, you have to learn the strategies and techniques to improve your gaming experience. The number of losses in solitaire has always been greater than that of Wins, but you can increase your winning ratio by following the below given 5 key tactics.

Winning Ratio In Solitaire

Play with Aces and Deuces

Try to keep empty slots

Always Free down cards first

Play with the Ace Stack later

Play the longest stack before others

Move the card numbers 5-8 later than others

These strategies are quite popular and well known to make you win at solitaire quite often. Solitaire that comes bundled with Microsoft keeps track of your winning percentage hence you can see the ratio between your WINS and LOSSES. These strategies will surely help increasing your winning percentage, which will motivate you learn more tricks and practice solitaire more and more.

Play with Aces and Deuces: Incase an Ace or Deuce comes up during the game, try to play it till the Aces Pile. There is nothing that you need to build on them; hence playing the Aces and Deuces is quite a safe strategy to go with. With this strategy, if a 3 comes up in the game, you can put it up in the Aces Pile if that’s the best possible option.

Try to keep empty slots: No matter what, try to keep one slot free all the time. Which will help you place the king when it turns up during the game? You, as a player may be required to forego playing a specific card to keep that slot open for King.

Always Free down cards first: In this strategy you play that card first, that is sitting on top of the stack with face down. Your main goal is to turn over the down cards as soon as possible to increase your chances of winning.

Play with the Ace Stack later: In this strategy you delay playing the Ace Stack cards, and not play it until you have no other cards to play it on. E.g. if you play a 4, and then turn over the card that is on top of a long stack of downcards with 3, than you will not be able to play 3 and uncover the other downcards.

Play the longest stack before others:
While playing Solitaire, you may come across a situation when you have quite a few choices to play on the table, than you must play the one on top of the longest stack. This will ensure that the rest are also played ASAP.

There are various strategies to play and Win Solitaire, but most techniques are dependent upon the level and version of Solitaire that we are playing.

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