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Importance of Having Safe Water

On average, we consume no less than 50 litres of water every day for drinking, cooking, taking a bath, cleaning etc. To say that water is important is an understatement, because water is the very reason why human beings and other life forms exist. Not only is water the universal solvent, it is also the one thing that scientists say that is vital for life to exist. Without water, life would not be possible, or so they say.

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Fortunately, water makes up much of our beloved planet because about 70% of earth is water. Thus, water is abundant. Yes, water is everywhere. Then again, why is there a scarcity of water? Why does the World Health Organization and United Nations have problems when it comes to providing water to the whole world?

Is the Water You Are Using Safe?

While it is true that 70% of the world is water, 97% of which is salt water, which leaves about 3% as fresh water. Of the two, it is the latter that we use for drinking. Freshwater is also the most suitable for cooking, taking a bath, cleaning, etc. What is most unfortunate, however, is the fact that not all fresh water sources are clean and that most people in the world do not have access to safe water, let alone drinking water.

Without access to safe water, much of them turn to polluted water. Yes, it is not safe. However, much of them do not have any alternative. Rich or poor, it does not matter and it is because they live in places wherein safe and clean water is scarce and limited.

As a result of this, an estimated 1.8 million people die every year or about 5,000 people every day die from cholera and other diarrheal diseases, all of which are the result of drinking polluted water. Additionally, tens of millions get sick because of water-related ailments, prevention of which is easy if there had just been access to safe and clean water.

What Can You Do?

Various national and international agencies have taken steps in ensuring that the world gets access to safe and clean water. The United Nations, in fact, now consider access to clean water a basic human right. The agency believes that if water standards improve, the standards of living in most communities also improve as well, most especially since most communities that suffer from the lack of access to clean and safe water.

Keep in mind that safe and clean water eludes most of us and that we could unknowingly live in the illusion that the water that we use is safe and clean. In fact, at this very moment, the water that we consume may contain excessive amounts of contaminants such as microbes and chemicals.

Thus, it is important that we take actions to make sure that our sources of water for drinking, cooking, bathing and other activities that we do that require water is safe, reliable and most important of all, clean.

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