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How to Use Myers-Briggs Temperaments When Hiring & Selling

meeting1Companies are always interested in finding the best way to choose candidates for employment. A variety of testing methods are used. One, called the Myers-Briggs Temperament Test, divides individuals into a number of groups according to the way they think and behave. This test can be used to find the best candidates for hiring, but it can also be used to find the right way to communicate with clients when selling your product or service.

About Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Testing

The Myers Briggs Type Indicator is a questionnaire that categorizes personality types based on how the individual answers questions on the test. The questions are designed to get a glimpse into how the person thinks and sees the world, as well as what is important to them. It is based on Carl Jung’s theory of personality types, which he developed during his psychological work. The theory separates cognitive functions into either “rational” or “irrational,” and the theory expands upon this premise further with opposing pairs of qualities exhibited by the personality. Included in the “rational” qualities are judgment, extraversion, sensing and thinking. In the “irrational” qualities, he includes perception, feeling, intuition and introversion. Both dichotomies are provided in pairs, such as extraversion and introversion, sensing as opposed to intuition, thinking as opposed to feeling, and judging opposed by perception.

The Four Opposing Temperament Types

The qualities were then expressed in letters, such as ESTP, which would stand for extraverted, sensing, thinking and perceptive. These are then extrapolated to the best kind of work for this mix of qualities. In the case of ESTP types, it was be promotional work. Someone with ESFP letters would be best for a performer, because of the extroversion, sensing, feeling and perceptive qualities. The four opposing pairs can be mixed into 16 different types of personality. The designation is then used to aid people in finding careers that most appeal to their inherent characteristics.

Using Myers-Briggs Test Results For Hiring

Though Myers Briggs tests are in no way expected to be used for ultimate judging on suitability for particular work, they can be helpful in finding candidates for tasks that require certain qualities. For instance, you would most likely want someone outgoing and detail-oriented to train people for the operation of highly technical equipment. You might want someone introverted and detail-oriented to set up a data management platform. In contrast, you might want someone more introverted and sensitive to create more artistic work. Myers-Briggs testing can help to sort out the various personality traits in candidates for various types of tasks.

Using Myers-Briggs Test Results for Selling

Myers Briggs personality profile can also be helpful in dealing with clients when trying to sell your products or services. The method can allow you to speak to the client in the language he understands about matters that are most important to him or her. Of course, you cannot ask potential clients to take the test. You will have to learn to perceive their personality traits by observation. This method requires a thorough understanding of the personality types and how they exhibit in everyday conversation and action. However, with practice, you can begin to recognize personality features readily and utilize this knowledge for better client relations and increased sales.

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