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How to Host a College Graduation Party on a Tight Budget

As a fresh college graduate, you may not have much money in your pockets. Most likely, you have loans to account for and this means you need to get a job soon. However, before you go on and face the real world, you would need to plan for a ritual that almost all fresh graduates go through and that is the graduation party.

Think of it as your way of saying goodbye to four years or more of hitting the books and welcoming the next few years you will spend living as an adult and having a job.

Thus, you may want to make this count. However, with your impending expenses and your lack of finances, you may have a hard time making it fun, exciting and most important of all, something you will remember for years.

Graduation Party

Fortunately, you can still make the graduation party memorable, even if you do not spend plenty of money, and these tips below should help you how to do so.

Casual Settings, Casual Atmosphere, Loads of Fun

A graduation party is a fresh graduate’s way of saying goodbye to years of stress from schoolwork. This means that the venue should be casual. Thus, looking for a place that has a casual setting should not be a priority. A friend’s house perhaps or a cabin near the beach that you can rent is a good place to start.

Remember, the more casual the atmosphere and setting, the more fun the guests will have and the more memorable the party will be, and the cheaper it will be as well.

Plan the Celebration with Friends

As a fresh graduate, you would most likely know a few other fresh graduates that want to celebrate their graduation with a blast as well. Ask for their help and see if you can collaborate for one big graduation party.

If you plan the celebration with your friends, you get a bigger budget if you pool all of your cash and you actually get to cater to more guests as well, now, would not that be nice?

Ask Help from or Hire a Party Planner

Party planners may not come cheap, but they are far more experienced when it comes to planning parties than you are. It is also more economical to do so.  You save on expenses and the hassle of having to put up the venue, the tables, chairs, and everything else yourself, and still end up spending plenty of money in terms of transportation costs etc.

Use Your Phone or Social Networking Sites for Invites

Facebook, Twitter, your phone, all of them have one thing in common and that is they have plenty of contacts and you can easily contact all of them and tell them that you have a party going on. By texting, tweeting or posting about your party, you get to know who is going without having to spend plenty of money, especially if you are going for the social networking route.

Remember, your college graduation party is your last chance to say goodbye to your time in the University. It’s your time to finally vent out all of your stress, anger, etc and to finally have a good time without having to worry about anything else, well, not yet. So, make sure to make it count!

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