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How to Add a Focal Point to Your Garden

Regardless of the size of garden you have, creating the perfect outdoor space is a time consuming and expensive task that requires patience and dedication to get the results you want. When planning your garden layout and planting scheme there are a wide range of styles and species to choose from so take your time to pick the right ones that will match your lifestyle and ground conditions.

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In addition to plants and shrubs, a well thought out garden design will encompass a focal point that will draw the eye to that particular feature. Here we look at some of the most popular ways of creating that stunning focal point;

General Layout

Depending upon the overall size and shape of your garden there will be a wide range of designs to choose from. For a simple large rectangular garden, a geometrical design works well when combined with a focal point in direct line of site of the patio doors. In comparison, a smaller garden generally benefits from having a more traditional design that features a circular lawned area combined with suitable planting.

Selecting a Specimen Plant – Although quite expensive, the addition of a large specimen plant in a prominent location around your garden will create a stunning focal point.

Seating Areas – These can be in a variety of forms depending upon the look you are trying to achieve. Traditional gardens will benefit from the addition of a wooden arbour due to the timeless design whereas as more modern garden design would benefit from a more up to date material such as rattan. Regardless of the material or design, having the seating area as a focal point to your garden will encourage visitors and family to sit down and enjoy time outdoors. To ensure privacy from neighbors, garden screening can be introduced so as to block prying eyes from nearby properties.

Garden Structures

The addition of a garden structure serves a number of purposes and when placed in the correct setting can add a whole new dimension to the outside space available to you. Generally garden structures fall into 2 main categories with these being gazebos and pergolas.

Garden Gazebos – Constructed from timber, a garden gazebo is generally around 3-4m wide and has a pitched roof so as to provide shade from the sun. Perfect for larger garden due to the amount of space they require, a gazebo will provide the perfect outdoor dining space and will also create a great play space for children to spend time.

Pergolas – This type of garden structure is constructed from vertical posts with cross beams acting as a sort of roof / canopy. Ideal for all gardens due to their versatility of design, wooden pergolas will look amazing once fitted over an existing patio and will add a whole new dimension to the space. In addition to this, wooden pergolas look stunning when plants and shrubs are allowed to grow up and over it to form a stunning natural canopy.

In conclusion, creating a focal point to your garden is a great way of ensuring a stunning garden design. Available in a wide range of forms, always be sure to carry out some research prior to committing to any expensive purchases or you may find your garden design not living up to your expectations.

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