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How Tar Hoses can Help Different Industries

Tar hoses are hoses with a special design, that features a compounded neoprene cover and tube. They can withstand hot temperatures of up to 350 Degrees Fahrenheit, and cold temperatures of up to -20 Degrees Fahrenheit. These hoses have a helical wire and spiral synthetic cord that allow them to resist pressures of up to 150psi as well. The ability that these hoses have to weather sizable temperature variations and substantial pressures, makes them perfect for use in several industrial environments.

Tar Hoses

Industrial Applications

Whenever asphalt, tar, or oil is used in the process of manufacturing, they need to be warmed to high temperatures. A tar hose will resist these high temperatures. This makes it the preferred way of conveying raw materials, while asphalt roof shingles (along with other products) are being manufactured.

Sites for Construction

Typically, regardless of whether it is used in road construction or home construction, tar and asphalt are warmed prior to being applied. Consequently, it is hard for workers to safely handle the substance. Spillages can produce severe wounds to workers and harm other material and equipment the heated tar makes contact with. The use of heat resistant tar hoses minimizes all these risks, and ensures that the work is completed at a quicker pace.


Tar hoses are adaptable. This makes them handy for workers to use them for reaching difficult to access areas on a roof. Also, the versatility of the hoses make them simpler to use for moving asphalt and tar from trucks to containers (or vice versa).

Light Weight

Tar hoses are not very heavy. Thus, they are easy to hold and lift. Also, they can be moved from one location to another quickly, because they do not make the trucks transporting asphalt or tar any heavier.

Resistant to the Elements

Tar hoses can weather the elements, so they can be kept outdoors while they are being used or moved. They will not become harmed following exposure to extremely cold or hot weather conditions. Hence, there is only a minimal risk of leaks.

Resistant to Abrasion

In several industrial environments, the hoses used will experience significant abrasion. Whenever this harms the hose, leakages of hot, expensive or dangerous fluids can occur and cause a lot of damage. Nonetheless, tar hoses are resistant to abrasion, which makes them safe to use both outside factories and inside.

Tar hoses provide a range of advantages to users. They can assist with the cost effective transportation of viscous fluids in various environments. They are sufficiently lightweight to be easily moved or picked up by employees, whenever required. Furthermore, their great resistant attributes and toughness make them ideal for transferring cold or hot substances. The fact that these hoses can weather high pressures makes them an excellent choice for conveying viscous fluids that require pumping (or suction) to make them flow. Industries like manufacturing and construction utilize these hoses to lessen the risks present when handling or transferring heated asphalt and tar. Thus, without these hoses many tasks would become more difficult.

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