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How A Great CV Can Get You The Job You Want

When it comes to writing your CV think about what it is you are doing. Rather than thinking of it as a long and laborious chore which demands that you pull up information from the dim and distant past, look at it as a piece of advertising copy, where the product being sold is you. You need to use your CV to sell your skills and abilities, so show prospective employers why you are better than the rest of the applicants, to make them want to get to know you better and ask you to an interview.

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You have a choice of methods when it comes to compiling your CV – they can be put together on any word processing programme you have on your home PC or laptop. Templates can be downloaded from a wide range of online sites to guide you through the formatting process, or if you want to streamline things even more there are online sites where you can build your CV and upload it immediately to servers filled with the CV’s of other people looking for work. Employers then filter through this collection using a list of appropriate keywords and who knows, your CV could be the one that they pull out.

The Job Your CV Does

Your CV paints a picture of all of your knowledge, skills, qualifications and experience. It is an overview of just how employable you are. Your CV should be nothing but positive, it should highlight all of your good points, all of the things that you excel at and areas of your past employment in which you have excelled and proven your ability. Everything should be written with a view to extolling your virtues so that you appear the perfect candidate for the job you are applying for.

If there are some areas where you feel you may lack confidence don’t make a point of highlighting them here. Be positive about anything, highlight the fact that you are willing to undertake any necessary training courses or gain any further qualifications that would be suitable for the role you are being employed to fill, whilst you are working in that role. Be confident, be eloquent and be the kind of person that they want to meet in person.

Writing The Cover Letter

A well written cover letter makes the perfect gift wrapping for your CV. You should make sure that the letter details the position for which you are applying and include all of your contact details. Try and provide a brief outline of why you are applying and why you feel you are the right candidate to fill the position. Bear in mind that this is not an exercise in essay writing, and it may be that later on in the application process you might be asked to fill out a personal statement in which you will be asked to explain your reasons behind applying for the job. Think of your cover letter as doing the introductions for you, a well written cover letter could mean that your CV is retained rather than rejected.

Mark Johnson is a renowned professional development speaker and blogger – he regularly visits Souters Training for more information and all the latest tips on the best strategies for getting back into the job market.

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