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High Intensity Interval Training: Major Results In Minimal Time

The story that obesity has reached epidemic proportions in much of the western world has been repeated ad nauseam. It’s hard to turn on the TV or go online without somebody chiming in about what should be done about it.

These reports are always very newsworthy because millions of overweight people are scared of the laundry list of crippling diseases caused by obesity. And they simply don’t like the way their obese body looks. Being overweight can give rise to many different health problems, and even prematurely end your life. It’s no wonder that along with all these news reports comes all sorts of information on how to get fit and healthy.

high intensity interval training tips

But talk is cheap. Losing weight is something almost every overweight person has done; yet finding the right balance of diet and exercise to keep weight off for a lifetime is the real challenge.

Most people think that in order to lose a lot of weight and stay healthy, they must exercise for hours a day, every day of the week. But not everyone has time for multi-hour workouts every day. We have jobs to go to, families to attend to, social lives to maintain and other things that demand our attention. Once we have taken care of others, there is often simply no time left to take care of ourselves, or to engage in lengthy workouts.

Most people don’t realize they don’t have to spend a lot of time exercising each day in order to lose large amounts of weight or to maintain weight loss. If you haven’t got the time, but you want to get fit, then it’s time to check out what’s known as High Intensity Interval Training, also known as HIIT. HIIT is a highly specialized and specific way of working out, often used to help people lose significant amounts of weight and substantially increase their fitness levels.

When done correctly, High Intensity Interval Training can deliver major fitness results in a very short amount of time – often as little as 15 minutes a day, every other day of the week. High Intensity Interval Training is considered unique, using specialized and specific methods, and has a number of its own goals that distinguish it from other forms of exercise.

The Difference with HIIT

What distinguishes High Intensity Interval Training from other training regimens is the time factor. HIIT sessions can last anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes, including both the warm-up and the cool down, and that’s usually enough.

At first glance, 15-30 minutes doesn’t sound like enough time for a ―real workout. But once you’ve done an HIIT session correctly, you will find it’s just as exhausting and effective as the exercise routines you’ve been doing for ages.

High Intensity Interval Training is sometimes called ―sprint interval training” because it’s a form of cardiovascular strength training that focuses on using short, intense training sessions to burn fat.

High Intensity Interval Training is well suited to those always in a rush. It works as well as it does because the exercise done at an intensely focused pace provides maximum impact in a short amount of time – rather than going at a slower or more moderate rate longer.

The goal of High Intensity Interval Training is to sustain an anaerobic state for a cumulative period of time. Anaerobic states occur when you are exercising in such a way that your blood stream cannot supply oxygen to your muscles fast enough. Oxygen is actually still being supplied – just not in high enough amounts to meet the demands your muscles are making due to intense activity. Any activity that requires short spurts of intense activity is considered anaerobic, from sprinting to weightlifting.

The term anaerobic capacity is often used when anaerobic activity is being discussed. Anaerobic capacity is the threshold your body has at any given point in time where the lactic acid building up in your muscles can’t be removed faster than it is accumulating. Generally speaking, the higher your anaerobic threshold is, the better your overall athletic performance will be.

HIIT is designed to improve your athletic performance by using short, intense bursts of exercise, followed by a period of rest. After resting, HIIT is repeated several times until the session is over, whether the duration is for 15 or 30 minutes

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