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Get Value for Your Money with Solid Skating Shoes

The colors, gimmicks and prices of skateboarding shoes can be a source of great confusion when you are looking for the right model to buy. Skating is a tough but exciting pastime that demands the very best in physical form and agility alongside the right gear. When searching for high quality skating shoes it is worth your while to select a pair that can provide everything you need.

Look for innovative features that will make your skating experiences a source of joy rather than a pain you must tolerate in the name of fun. There are several brands of skating shoes that have solid and proven designs favoured by champions in the skating world. One such model is the emerica. Let’s see what makes it tick, why is it the love of so many skaters?

Solid Skating Shoes

The popularity of this brand stems from the fact that the innovative nature of design work speaks for itself. For instance, no one told you about emerica when you were looking for something better than what you already had. For reasons that we are shortly looking at, this product sells like hot cake even without the bells and whistle affairs associated with other brands.

They are classy with a tough leather upper, thick padded tongues, heavy duty reinforced lace eyelets, padded heel collar. Emerica is excellent basic skating footwear that is guaranteed to last long and give you maximum comfort. Yes, they are durable, stylish and have all the padding you want in the right places.

What more can you dream of if you are looking for a renowned brand offering solidity? With this pair, what you get is nothing less than solid design that’s been proven, comfort provided by the thick padded tongue so that however long you remain on your feet, the strain associated with this is lessened. And who wants to replace their pair of skating shoes every now and then? These kids are superb. They are double stitched and have multiple layers of leather.

Just to mention these features in a nut shell, emerica was designed by a real skating pro with full leather double and triple stitched upper, thick padded tongue with elastic stabilizing straps, full length polyurethane midsole and EVA insole with removable arch support. For better traction and grip, they have zigzag tread pattern with flex grooves and metal reinforced lace eyelets

The sizes available range from 1-6 for youths and 6.5-14 for adults, and so you cannot miss what fits you well. And by the way, skating being such a fashion conscious sport, many people consider the simple, traditional design coupled with unprotected laces to be a draw back.

Some of the features that emerica shoes australia lack are absence of rubber from the sole wrapped up on the toe, no heel airbags and special grip on the upper to assist with ollies, but these are more than compensated by the fact to how well they work. You can learn more about other skating shoes at

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