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Forklift Attachments – Versatile and Productive

Forklift vehicles are useful for numerous tasks, the main objective of these machines is to ease the difficulties involved with lifting heavy loads of merchandise mostly in factories. Factories depend on this machinery to help move and lift items which are not possible to transfer from location to location with man power alone. Although forklifts are a great advantage they can be put to better use through the installation of forklift accessories. There are numerous forklift accessories which are available to hand. Many rely on forklifts everyday, through using such items as forklift forks, carton clamps and even drum handlers.

Forklift Attachments

Factory workers are already under a lot of stress without having to worry about the cleanliness of their work place. You may be surprised to find that forklifts can actually be used as a cleaning device simply by adding a forklift attachment which in essence works as one big sweeper. This attachment is a large industrial broom or brush which is attached to the truck’s forks which allows for the easy cleanliness of large areas such as warehouses and factories.

Drum handlers are an extension which can be used to help make the moving of heavy drum materials a lot less strenuous. This forklift attachment is a clamp which is attached to the forks of a forklift. An additional drum attachment is also available, this attachment is fitted on the carriage in place of the forks. A drum tine has concave cylindrical bars which are extensions of the forks and rotate the drum in a horizontal position.

One of the most commonly used forklift attachments is known as a ‘man basket’ basically this contraption is a cage which allows for the forklift owner to be lifted above the ground securely. The man basket is thought to be a lot more secure than ladders or scaffolding. Many warehouses use these cages as they are able to maintain the weight of two people at one time.

An attachment can be added to any forklift to help to tip a skip or a bin. A huge scoop attachment is added to the vehicle to help make the moving of bigger items easier. This forklift attachment is useful for the quick removal of waste and debris. These attachments can be adjusted to suit your requirements. For example, you can have an attachment which is manufactured from stainless steel and consists of a side mesh. In addition you can even choose which height of attachment is needed.

An attachment can also be added to a forklift vehicle to be used as a salt spreader. This is used mostly during the winter months when the roads are too icy. The attachment allows up to 190 litres of rock salt to be transported to improve the safety of the icy roads. The salt spreader attachment is available in a variety of widths.

The use of forklift attachments are useful to improve the productivity of a number of things. Forklift vehicles are conventional and can be made even more useful with the variety of attachments available.

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