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Five Reasons You Want Tattoo Goo Aftercare

Learn about five impeccably valid reasons why you want Tattoo Goo aftercare for your tattoo. 

Getting a tattoo on your body doesn’t necessarily have to be “risky business,” as Tom Cruise may so sordidly attest. As a matter of fact, a tattoo is procured by causing irreparable dermal damage by intentionally scarring tissue through the injected velocity of pigment force. In plain English, this translates into: a needle is dipped into ink, and then the ink pigments are rapidly injected into the outer dermal folds to bond permanently with the scar tissue they create. Post healing process, collagen and elastin are not enough for the body to eradicate the foreign pigments, and the tattoo design (or most of it) sticks as a result. How you care for this fractured skin in the aftermath is essential to how bright, vibrant and long lasting your tattoo will be; a process that’s greatly eased by Tattoo Goo aftercare.

Lanolin Free

One thing you won’t find in Tattoo Goo aftercare is the dreaded sheep fat (lanolin) that’s prevalent as an ingredient in many other skincare products. Most people are allergic to this cheap filler, and Tattoo Goo aftercare does not contain it. So no worries here.

Petroleum Free

Additionally, you won’t find petroleum in Tattoo Goo aftercare, either. This cheap product can clog the pores and contribute to rashes, irritation and infection. Rather than deal with this drudgery, the Tattoo Goo aftercare that you find only contains premium ingredients, and not cheap fillers.

Speeds Up Healing Time

The faster that you can heal from your tattoo, the likelier that it is that the ink will set for good. Prolonged duration healing has the propensity to create further scabbing and pigment rejection. Such a daft process necessitates future touch-ups and contributes to degradation of the pigments in the skin. Something you can avoid with Tattoo Goo aftercare.

Maximizes Life of Tattoo

Don’t think of Tattoo Goo aftercare as your after care only fix. It’s intended to be used for the lifetime of your tattoo. The key ingredients nourish and moisturize the skin, and help you extend the life, vibrancy, couture and brilliance of your tattoo forever.

Helps Prevent Infection

Infection is the worst thing that you can have happen to your tattoo. If the skin is improperly cared for, it’s broken by the process and is prone to infection. Rather than play your odds with this dangerous gambit, Tattoo Goo aftercare helps you prevent infection. Perhaps for these reasons and more, most respected artists highly recommended it for post care.

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