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Five Green Upgrades for 2013

While now is not the ideal time to turn a new leaf and go for green upgrades, it is better to do now than later. After all, the decision to go for a greener means of living is one that will have a tremendous impact on your life. Unfortunately, even when you do decide to go and change the way you live, you will most likely have no idea where to start.


Fortunately, the list below contains valuable information on what sort of green upgrades are best to start with this year, 2013.

  1. Invest on Rechargeable Batteries

Look at your house and count how many of the items you use rely on batteries. Calculate how much you spend for their batteries and how often you need to replace them. Chances are, you will end up with a staggering amount of cash and what you fail to realize is that you contribute to the toxic waste that fills the earth because of single-use batteries.

The solution is simple, and it is to go with rechargeable batteries. Yes, they are not cheap. However, you can use them for years at a time and once depleted, you can recharge them and they will be as good as new.

  1. Make use of Carbon Tracking Applications

Our mobile phones have become so useful that you can use them to measure how much carbon footprint you leave during your daily routines. What is also nice is that not only can they measure or track your carbon footprint, these apps can also help you get to know how to off-set such emissions without having to sacrifice anything.

  1. Make Your Car Greener

While the ultimate green car is no car at all, we all know that we need automobiles for transportation. Yes, we are years and even decades away from discovering the ultimate solution to the problem with cars and the pollutants they emit, but we can do something about them as of the moment and invest on upgrades that make them more efficient by making them consume less fuel, emit less pollution, etc.

  1. Invest in Green Appliances

Back about a few years ago, most people never thought of buying into the idea of the whole green thing. After all, culture is a very hard thing to change and the culture of the consumers back then or the overall consumer behaviour was not as “green” as it is now.

Fortunately, with the plethora of appliances available that have high energy-efficiency ratings, looking for substitutes for your good ol’ household appliances to make for a greener house is easier.

  1. Go Solar

We all know solar panels are expensive. Companies and firms know that and that is why cheaper ways to utilize the power of the sun are now available. For example, you can use solar charging kits to charge small devices and what is nice is that its power can be stored for later use, making them a pseudo portable battery of sorts.

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