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Five Favorite After Dinner Sports Speakers

In around twenty years the after dinner sports speakers niche could prove to be very interesting indeed. Nowadays, the market is filled with former professionals who are attempting to find a new source of income now their playing days are over. However, with the salaries of modern athletes so high, there are worries that fewer top-end athletes will turn to this industry.

Dinner Sports Speakers

However, for the time being, it is absolutely full of some of the biggest legends sport has ever produced. From footballers to referees, from cricketers to gold medallists – it’s possible to make a quality evening of entertainment through the use of sporting after dinner speakers. Here are our five favourites, all of which can be hired by clicking here.

Jeff Winter

It would be fair to say that Jeff Winter was a controversial figure in his heyday, with the former referee involved in some major on-the-field controversies during his Premier League days. A lot of supporters claimed he always wanted to be centre stage and with his new career, he’s certainly achieved that. While Winter might not have the reputation of several other sporting after dinner speakers, he is regarded as one of the most humorous and is now able to give his own take on life as the country’s top football ref during the 90s.

Phil Tufnell

Phil Tufnell was another controversial figure and he had the habit of hitting the front pages, as well as the back ones, during his hugely successful cricketing career. Most people will know him as the Question of Sport panellist, where he has gained a reputation as one of television’s funny men. Just like Winter, he will provide a hilarious evening of entertainment and you might be able to hear his take on his rumoured misdemeanours.

Peter Alliss

Peter Alliss certainly falls in a different category of speakers and anybody that has listened to his BBC golf commentaries over the years will have appreciated his dry sense of humour. He is of course one of the best golfers the UK has ever produced and while he may not have the same laddish approach as a speaker such as Tufnell, he will captivate any audience.

Si Clive Woodward

If you are looking towards someone who is more of a motivational speaker, they don’t come much more high profile than Sir Clive Woodward. Dubbed one of the most successful British rugby coaches, Woodward was the man who masterminded that terrific World Cup victory back in 2003. He is regarded as one of the most knowledgeable leaders in sport and has been known to speak at sporting, business and general leadership dinners.

Matt Dawson

On the subject of that World Cup rugby win, here is one of the team members. Matt Dawson made his career in rugby and was an England regular for many years. Upon his retirement, he ventured into television and happens to be the other panellist on A Question Of Sport alongside Phil Tufnell. As you may expect, he is another funny man and will provide a very entertaining speaker.

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