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Firefox vs Chrome: Which Should You Use?

Our internet browser is the first step on our journey into the World Wide Web, and as with any great adventure it is wise to make adequate preparations.  Firefox and Chrome are two well respected options that have repeatedly challenged Internet Explorer for market share over the years, and both have their own individual pros and cons.  When selecting a browser you must first take into account your own internet browsing habits, as many websites tailor their design for specific browsers.  Whether you like your internet experience fast and simple, or flexible with endless options for customization, you are sure to find what you need from one of these internet browsers.

firefox vs chrome

The Omnibox Feature

One of Chrome’s unique features is the ‘Omnibox’ which gathers information about previous web sites you have visited, and allows you to search within a particular site through your browser without having to actually click on the website.  Chrome allows you to quickly access your favorite sites through application shortcuts, and by displaying thumbnails of previously visited websites on your homepage.  The simple, streamlined design does not allow multiple toolbars at the top of your screen, and its fast load times make browsing a slick, effortless experience.  It also has a safe browsing option to increase web security, and silent automatic background updates to keep everything running smoothly.  The downside of Chrome is that Google track your movements over the web and store the information, so this may not be the browser for those that are uncomfortable with their every movement being logged.

Firefox Flexibility

Mozilla Firefox is known as one of the most flexible internet browsers available, and was one of the pioneers of tabbed browsing.  It has endless options for customization, and users can add skins and plug-ins from any designer with ease.  Firefox is the product of open source development and users can add to its features anytime.  This gives it an advantage over other browsers that can only be improved by official updates.  It is also extremely effective at blocking pop-ups and adware from creeping into your computer, and many users consider it to be a more secure option.  The disadvantages of Firefox are that not all web pages are fully compatible with it, and it uses more storage memory than its rivals.

What Appeals to You?

Google Chrome is now currently the most popular web browser with well over 300 million users employing its services.  Both Chrome and Firefox appeal to the younger generation and the majority of internet users under thirty use one of these options over Internet Explorer.  Chrome has been found to be the first choice of those who consider themselves tech-savvy, and most computer programmers will use it as their only browser.  Firefox appeals much more to male users than to female, possibly because of all the customization opportunities, and most will use it in combination with another web browser.

What it Comes Down To

Choosing a browser is a matter of personal taste, and the most popular does not necessarily mean the best.  To determine if a browser is right for you it is important to explore all the options for customization and expansion, and ensure that it functions efficiently for your specific requirements.

Tom Rideout is a software technician and family guy. He enjoys researching the best ways to access the Internet. Visit this website to learn more about how to get the most from Internet technology using CenturyLink Internet coverage.

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