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Facebook And Online Marketing: Impacting The Marketplace

facebook ad marketingFacebook & your business: how it affects what the marketplace thinks? With more than 1 billion active users, (600 million of those access the site from mobile devices), it is truly one of the most powerful online marketing platform you can ever use to launch your business to the world. The sheer size of this social networking site is enough to tell you that it has the ability to affect what the marketplace thinks about your brand and your business. Nevertheless, how can it actually affect the way your customers think about you?

Facebook Is Social

Facebook is a social platform more than a marketing platform. That means you are actually connecting with unknown friends, not just selling to them products and services. With this in mind, the best way to use Facebook is to engage people, get to know them and let them get to know you. This approach might take a lot of time to do but it pays handsomely. With engagement comes relationship. Moreover, relationship counts a lot today, where product differentiation is often shallow. Connect and get to know the people you want to serve and whose needs you want to meet.

Facebook Is a Loyalty-Builder Site

Because of Facebook’s person-to person approach to marketing, you can be sure to build brand loyalty overtime. There are many Facebook marketing campaigns in the past that simply relied on the site’s ability to easily give out discounts and freebies, involve people for upcoming product lines, and run fun and interesting polls. These often lead to faithful visits to Facebook pages. This is an easy way to instill brand loyalty and yes, consistent purchases.

Facebook Is Global

Facebook can be accessed all over the world. That is common knowledge but often times, many business organizations forget to consider the business implication of this innate Facebook feature. Facebook and your business can conquer the world overnight. All you have to do is to think of a message that appeals to your global audience and you are on your way to affect the marketplace in your own unique way. You can be a somebody in a very short time with very low marketing overheads. You can reach the people all over the world with one sweep.

Facebook Is Made to Share Things

Facebook is a handy tool to carry the bulk of the entirety of your online marketing campaign. You can share YouTube videos from your own channel to your wall, you can post Blog entries you have published in your WordPress site, you can even share the photos you shared through Pinterest in one of your statuses (and with the tagging feature, you can really maximize exposure). It is tempting to think that Web 2.0 is built around Facebook and when you are able to understand that, sky is the limit for you to change the game in the marketplace.

Facebook & your business: how it affects what the marketplace thinks. You simply put the odds to your favor! Buy Facebook fans to save time. Don’t worry about others say, it works and it’s cheap! With Facebook you can start building a network that is so cohesive you can be sure to cash in on brand loyalty soon enough.

Delores J. Zuber have three kids that should be able to discern right from wrong by the time they leave the nest.

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